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26 year old ex-employee attacks residents of facility for handicapped persons in Tokyo, Japan: Knife-wielding attacker kills 19, wounds 45 and calls the cops on himself

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The suspect has been named as Satoshi Uematsu

Ex-employee of facility for disabled near Tokyo, Japan attacks residents armed with a knife

The 26-year-old man killed  19 people, injured 45 others in stabbing spree

Cops arrested killer after he called into a station and said ‘I did it,’ ‘I want to get rid of the disabled from this world’ Suspect facing multiple counts of homicide

knife-wielding man kills 15 in Japan2Victims are attended by first respondersknife-wielding man kills 15 in Japan6.jpg

At least 15 people were stabbed to death outside of Tokyo at a facility for the disabled.

In a gruesome scene of carnage, an ex-employee of a center for disabled persons located near Japan’s capital city of Tokyo went on aknife-wielding rampage against residents which left as many as 19 people dead, early Tuesday. Another 45 were injured in the stabbing spree.
The horrific incident occurred inside a facility for disabled people about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday in Sagamihara, just west of the capital city. The Kyodo news agency said a suspect called authorities from inside the facility and admitted to the sickening crime.

knife-wielding man kills 15 in Japan3
The knife-wielding mad man has reportedly went on a killing spreeagainst the defenseless residents of a facility for handicapped people in Japan.

He was arrested and charged with multiple counts of murder, according to local news reports.
The suspect was an ex-employee of the facility, initial reports saidrmed police encircled the centre and a man in his 20s was later arrested on suspicion of murder

The centre offers support to people with disabilities, including proving meals and creative and rehabilitation activities Police were called to the scene after residents saw a man armed with a blade and wearing black clothes in the grounds of Tsukui Yamayuri Garden. Shimbun reported that the suspect was quoted by police as saying ‘I want to get rid of the disabled from this world.’


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