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Addicted to younger men – Queen ‘Couger’, Juney Smith says she’s dated more than 250 toy boys

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I’ve dated more than 250 toyboys’: UK’s cougar queen reveals why she’s addicted to younger men including, teens lads [as young as] 18″

 Juney Smith, 52-year-old woman, never married or had children proudly claims being UK’s top cougar

“I have always dated younger but really focused on it from the age of 30”
“I haven’t looked back since. I tried dating men my own age but they are boring, bad in bed and frankly not eager to please”

She’s considering writing a ‘how to manual on being a cougar’, or running seminars for older women, says many ladies would like to but are scared to date young men

June Smit2.jpg
June Smith, 52,  proudly lays claim to being UK’s top cougar queen

A 52-year-old British woman who has never married or had children has laid claim to being the UK’s top cougar and proudly so. Businesswoman Juney Smith has dated more than 250 younger men since she turned 30 and professes a love of younger men. She said: “The guys I date range in age from 18 to 45,” “I meet them at clubs, out grocery shopping, at art galleries, at service stations, and it is always the young guy who hits on me.”
Juney,  says it keeps her young and that men her age or older either can’t offer what young men can or have no idea how to ‘date properly’.
For her it’s not a new phase as she explained: “I have always dated younger but really focused on it from the age of 30. Among the guys I’ve gone out with were teens lads aged 18 to 20.
“I haven’t looked back since. I tried dating men my own age but they are boring, bad in bed and frankly not eager to please.”
Sometimes, she said they older men are hampered by the experiences of their past lives
” after a divorce they return to the dating scene and simply are out of their depth. They have missed out on a generation of dating changes”.

juney smith17.pngJuney has dated more than 250 toyboys

Quickly dismissing any notions of this being about unbridled sex, she says “To be clear dating 250 plus men doesn’t mean I have slept with them all. Some I’ve had coffee with, some just drinks, others we’ve gone to a party.
“I have slept with some and some I have had a longer relationship with,” said Juney, who in her spare time is preparing for an amateur comedy theatre production.
She added: “I enjoy dating in all its forms and I am definitely not a slut which is what people automatically assume comes with the word cougar.

June Smith13.jpg
Juney says she has an addiction for younger man since her late 20’s

“I am ‘sex positive’. That means I feel sexy, like to look good and enjoy sex with the right man and am not afraid to talk about it.
“I enjoy sex but before that I have to date. I consider my approach to men very American.
“By this I mean accepting invitations for dinner and outings with up to three to four men, separately of course, over a week.
Juney who is currently appearing in comedy theatre production says “You don’t just date one guy until you decide to become ‘exclusive’.”

June Smit11.jpg
June Smith sizzling on a night out with one of her young dates

Juney first picked up her love of younger men early in her adult life, actually since her twnnties and she admits that dating men who are younger than her is an obsession and addiction. She said: “They make me feel young, I have fun with them, and they keep me on my toes,”  she says.
“They know how to enjoy life and what many women might find surprising is that young men are extremely sexually adept and if not they’re eager to take direction”.

June Smit7.jpg

Juney says men often mistake her for between 30 and 35 years old.

The secret to looking good and maintaining her trim size 12 figure bis eating healthy and working out 3-4 times a week. Juney says men often mistake her for between 30 and 35 years old.
“Most of the men I date admire my sense of fun, style and the fact I am not after marriage and kids. When you’re a cougar you need to date younger guys who know the rules from the start.
“The main one is the relationship won’t be long term but we will enjoy each other’s company and a lot of the time doesn’t involve sex.”


1. Avoid the one night date guys
2. Don’t fall for cheesy chat up lines
3. If they’re bad in bed tell them and help them improve
4. Let them pay for dates then offer to pay
5. Have shared interests. Date a teen interested in what you are interested in
6. Be prepare for your mates to be jealous
7. Let the relationship evolve – if you want a long term relationship ensure you make that clear early on
8. Try dating websites first and check the profiles to work out gold-digger from serious contenders
9. You may get some odd looks but feel empowered by them – people will be wondering your secret
10. Remain in control and remember the teens with you because of the person you are age doesn’t matter

“I meet then at clubs, out grocery shopping, at art galleries, at service stations and am young at heart.”
“However, even if you are an intellectual older woman then there is always a younger man for you.”
Juney says she also meets the ‘boys’ on girl’s nights out when she and her single and married friends go to a meal and dancing. She adds: “I am a firm believer if you put out a friendly vibe that vibe will be felt. I do some Internet dating but I meet men via work and parties, clubbing and even waiting for a train.
“I am fun loving woman and if that means I am Cougar Queen then it makes me proud because I can hopefully share my expertise with men and women.”

June Smit6.jpg
Juney is still turning heads at 52

She says many people she grew up with have difficulty understanding her decision not to get married and have children: “It’s the non-traditional route and you have to be super confident this is what you want,” she explains.
She is sick of women being labelled cradle snatchers for dating younger, conversely, men men who date younger women are hailed as heroes. It should be a matter of personal choice she says: “For me age is just a number. I wold be bored senseless with a man my age. I haven’t ruled out dating men my age or older but the problem is they don’t know how to party, to date and often come with so much baggage it means their moves in and outside the bedroom are way behind the times.”

juney smith22.png

Juney’s advice for older women, “After a hard day at the office or a stressful week a fun date and dancing is just what the doctor ordered.” 

Juney who is considering writing a ‘how to manual on being a cougar ’ or running seminars for older women says many ladies she knows are scared to date ‘young’.
She said: “They’re worried about labels and what people think. For me that’s rubbish. I have tried and tested fashion looks for clubbing, partying, having coffee and diner that takes years off you and makes you look younger and ready for fun.
“After a hard day at the office or a stressful week a fun date and dancing is just what the doctor ordered for my mates.”
“It’s a shame so many women in their 40’s and older are too scared to date younger men.

June Smith8.jpg

Queen cougar chilling out on vacation

“So many women who find themselves divorced in their 40’s and 50’s have to sit back and watch while their ex-husbands marry a new younger wife and they are left desperately bumbling around trying to date an older man.”
“I tell these women: ‘Don’t look for a long term relationship – have a giggle and some fun and surprise yourself and date a younger man. You don’t have to sleep with them or even kiss them but have some fun and you’ll realise you are good looking and shouldn’t be dismissed’.”The cougar Queen also says older men should take lessons in dating. “There is a definite hole in the market there should be a course for older men on how to date, what to talk about and what women expect.”

June Smit4.jpg
The young, twenty-something  June Smith

The skill she says, lies in being able to seperate the worthwhile potential dates from pretenders.  For the part time actress, an older woman on the dating scene needs to learn to spot the toyboys who want a one-night stand so they can brag to their mates or get the ‘older woman experience’.
She separates them from young guys who have older heads on their shoulders who want to spend time with her and enjoy conversation before sex comes up.
She said: “They’re the ones I like.” “If a young guy comes up to me ‘giving it all that’ with a cheesy chat-up line I ignore them but if they come up and start a conversation I give them a chance.”

June Smith9

The stunner, June Smith already developed a taste for younger men, growing up
June Smit12.jpg
Juney, the sultry ‘experienced’ seductress

“For older women who want to date younger guys I say beware the lads who want someone to practise their love skills on, ones who are after a ‘sugar mummy’ or guys who want a ‘quick leg over’.
“Even if you lack confidence don’t fall for flattery straight off. Don’t jump into bed the first chance they offer and ensure they do the work.
“A lot of the young men I’ve had relationships are quite sexually experienced. They’ve told me they read women’s magazines, study what women want and put effort into foreplay.
“If you give them a suggestion they don’t get moody like an older bloke, they take it on board,” she explains.

June Smit3.jpg

‘Super fun, drunken nights out, younger men know how to turn it on’

Surprisingly, Juney claims it’s teen girls that make many teen guys turn to older women.
She said: “So many guys have told me all women their age are interested in is how they look, what someone’s wearing and their weight.
“They also claim young girls are so desperate to get a boyfriend they ‘drop their knickers’ too easily and are not great in bed.”

June Smit10.jpg
Queen of the Cougers, June Smith dining out ‘young’
juney smith21.png‘Fun’ night a night out with a younger man

Juney added: “Ignore those silly teenage girls threatening you. Don’t be frightened. There is nothing wrong with dating a teen.”
“Women like Demi Moore have made it cool to date and marry younger guys and, ironically, teen women seen with older blokes are labelled golddiggers whereas an older woman with a younger bloke is given the thumbs-up.
“Anyone who thinks it’s taboo to date young and be ‘sex positive’ needs their head read.
“These young men know what they’re getting into and do it because they want to and because girls their own age are not providing what they want.”
Juney says she plans to continue dating unless she finds a man to settle down with.
“I never say never. I don’t regret my decision not to have children and am happy with my life.
“And I hope ladies over 50 will give the younger dating scene a try.”





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