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California man, Lance Anderson, fatally shot wife, sister in what he claimed were mercy killings – Judge disagrees, hands a 100 year sentence

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Lance Anderson, now 63, was sentenced to 100 years to life in prison Wednesday for killing his sister and wife in 2013

60-year-old Anderson shot his 68-year-old wife Maxine Anderson, while she slept, December 11, 2013

Later that morning, also shot his sister, Lisa Nave, 58, who was bedridden, at a Los Angeles nursing home, calling it ‘mercy killing’

He told investigators and neighbors his wife was terminally ill, but that was not the case.

A California man who fatally shot his wife and his sister in what he defended as mercy killings was sentenced to 100 years in prison on Wednesday. Lance Anderson had been convicted of first-degree murder in the deaths of Maxine Anderson, 68, and his 58-year-old sister, Lisa Nave.
Anderson shot his wife at their Canyon Country home in 2013 and then killed his sister, who was bedridden, at a Los Angeles nursing home. He told investigators that he killed his wife because she had brain damage, breast cancer and other health problems. He apparently told neighbors his wife was terminally ill, but that was not the case.

The judge said that just before Lance Anderson pulled the trigger and executed his sister at a North Hills convalescent home in 2013, he told her he was “sending her home” and a single tear drop rolled down her cheek.
After firing, he put the gun down and waited to be arrested. Hours earlier, police would learn, he’d also executed his wife, 68-year-old Maxine Anderson, in her bed while she slept.
Anderson’s defense attorney labeled the deaths “mercy killings,” and described his client as a man who was “simply overcome” with the circumstances of caring for his ailing wife and sister, Lisa Nave.

At Anderson’s sentencing Wednesday in San Fernando, Judge Hayden Zacky said there was nothing merciful about his actions on Dec. 11, 2013, and sentenced him to 100 years to life in prison.
Anderson, 63, fatally shot his wife as she slept, and then told his sister at the nursing home that he was “sending her home” just before shooting her.
The two women were shot dead in suspected “mercy killings” at a Southern California nursing home and apartment complex that morning of wednesday, December 11, 2013,2013
According to Detective Lt. Paul Brenon of the Los Angeles PD, Lance Holger Anderson “walked straight in, never threatening anyone else” before shooting his disabled sister in the head at a North Hills medical facility.
The victim identified as Lisa Nave was described as having been in a vegetative condition for the last five years when Anderson, then 60, allegedly walked up to her and pulled out a gun.
Just after Nave’s shooting, a separate call came in reporting a second body discovered belonging to one of Nave’s relatives who was also disabled.
“Apparently, from what family told me, she had some aspect of dementia or mental problems,” said Brenon who described the two related deaths as possible “mercy killings.”
“That doesn’t justify what he did but it gives the premise or motive behind it,” he said.
The body indeed, belonged to Anderson’s wife, Lt. Brenon said a relative had learned about Nave’s death and feared the same thing could happen to Anderson’s wife so the relative called police.
Officers carrying out a wellness check on the home, located about 15 miles from the nursing home, discovered the body around 10 a.m. that morning.
Referencing the tear reportedly fshed by Nave  before she was killed,  “We don’t know why she shed that tear,” Judge Hayden Zacky said as he imposed the sentence,  “Was it because she was ready to die and grateful for what Mr. Anderson was about to do? Or was it because she was scared and did not want to die and wanted to be with her family? That’s [an answer] we’ll never know.”

Nursing home in Calif.where 58-year-old Navas was fatally shot by her brother.jpg

The nursing home in Mission Hills, Calif. where 58-year-old Lisa Nave in a vegetative state was fatally shot by her brother, Lance Anderson


The apartment complex where Lance Anderson killed his wife.

(Nick Ut/AP)

Anderson prepared for his wife’s funeral for several weeks before he killed her and had given her a Christmas tree, saying they would not be celebrating the holiday this year.
He “tried to control both women and in an ultimate form of control, killed them both,” the District Attorney’s office said in a statement, according to the newspaper.
“This man has destroyed every aspect of my life,” Maxine Anderson’s son Jason King said. “Every day that he has spent in a cell, I’ve spent in a cell in my own mind. Two bullets took away everything that was important to me.”
Through his lawyer, Lance Anderson said “no words can explain or fully express the range and depth of the heartfelt sorrow, regret and remorse I truly feel for the pain I’ve caused my family. I hope someday that I can be forgiven,” the Times reported.

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