Judge Catherine Pooler watching without obvious distaste as Griffith starts shaking his behind in County court

Calvin Griffith, 30, making his first court appearance on charges of grand theft auto decided to show off his twerking skills in a Florida bond court

Griffith accused of breaking into a high school and stealing an employee’s car created laughter  in the courtroom, judge did not appear amused

He was  charged with burglary, petit theft, grand theft auto and trespassing in school safety zone, bond was set at $18,500

Griffith had previously been arrested in March and May on charges of grand theft auto, according to police arrest records

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When cops confronted Griffith at the school they recovered the stolen car, the victim’s keys was also found on him

A Miami man chose a rather colorful way to introduce himself to the presiding judge in a Florida courtroom, Thursday morning.  Calvin Griffith, 30, was arraigned for a bond hearing in a case of grand theft auto when he decided to showcase his twerking skills.
The was Griffith’s his first appearance on charges he allegedly broke into a high school and stole an employee’s car.
As Judge Catherine Pooler read his charges aloud, Griffith can be seen on in-court camera twerking before laughter is heard in the Miami-Dade County bond court.
Surveillance video taken from Miami Edison Senior High School captured Calvin Lloyd Griffith walking through the building, taking an employee’s keys and then stealing the Volkswagen Passat from the parking lot of the school, according to the arrest report.


Judge Catherine Pooler is clearly not amused as Griffith starts twerking during his arraignment in the Miami-Dade County court