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Craigslist hooker’s muscle shoots client and his mother in Queens after john took back his fee at knife-point

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Freddie Rodriguez  shows his arm shot by  prostitute’s (r) muscle

Nicaela Rodriguez, 49, survived  9 mm bullet grazing her head, after it tore through her sex-seeking boy’s right hand

Freddie Rodriguez, 24, summoned Craigslist prostitute to his mother’s home, stole back his $120 payment at knifepoint, when she wouldn’t go through with the act

Woman’s muscle came to collect, shot Freddie and his mom through doorway when door was slammed in his face

Nicaela Rodriguez  and her son Freddie Rodriguez  were both shot by the muscle for a prostitute he found on craigslist and invited into their home.

Freddie Rodriguez summoned a Craigslist prostitute to his mother’s Queens home, stole back his $120 payment at knifepoint — and got his mom shot when the woman’s muscle appeared, police sources said Friday. The antics of the sex-for-hire seeking son left his mother injured and disappointed, with a near fatal head wound.
Freddie was was shot in the forearm, but Nicaela Rodriguez, 49, was lucky to have only suffered a graze wound to her head during the near fatal 2:30 a.m. clash inside her home, according to the police.
An obviously chastened Freddie said “I know it’s bad to call these hookers,” “My mother is mad. I’m going to have to move. I apologized, but she wants me to move.”

craigslist hooker and Freddie Rodriguez2
The advert posted by the prostitute on craigslist

Nicaela Rodriguez, survived the gun shots when the bullet grazed her head after tearing through her son’s right arm. The same first struck Freddie, ripping through his forearm.
The hooker-saga began when 24-year-old Freddie invited a prostitute he met on Craigslist to his mother’s apartment, early Thursday for a 60-minute session.
“We agreed to be together for one hour for $120,” Freddie said. “She did oral for two minutes, and she stopped. She said she didn’t want to do anything else anymore.”

craigslist hooker and Freddie Rodriguez hospital1
Mother and son were taken to the Jamaica Trauma center in Queens, NY

The former Brooklyn resident began arguing with the prostitute, demanding additional sex acts, and pulled the knife when she refused to agree during the 2:30 a.m. liaison, cops said.
Rodriguez insisted it was less menacing than it sounds: “When I took out the knife I wasn’t planning to do anything to her … She gave me the money.”
The hooker left only to dispatch dispatched an armed friend who was waiting outside the South Richmond Hill apartment building to go upstairs, to revenge and collect her fee.
“I made the mistake of leaving the (front) door open,” said Rodriguez. “As soon as he entered my house, I saw him pull the gun and when he pulled the gun, I closed the door and he shot.”

Freddie Rodriguez3.jpg

Nicaela Rodriguez was sleeping in her bedroom when she heard her son arguing with the dreadlocked man in the hallway, and the bullet grazed her skull when she opened the door, according to the reports.
“It only scratched her,” said Rodriguez. “My mother is pissed.”
Cops say it wasn’t the first time Freddie disappointed mom: He had six previous arrests, including busts for burglary, robbery and assault. Rodriguez also said he had spent time in a psychiatric care facility.
The distraught mother and her son were treated and released Thursday, with both returning to the Queens home.
“Obviously,” said Freddie Rodriguez, “I am not going to do this again.”


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