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Why Brazilian Female synchronized diving team were out of sync in Rio – one kicked her partner out of Olympic Village room to have marathon sex session with male canoeist the night before their dive

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Brazil’s female olympic synchronized diving team allegedly split after they finished last in their event

Ingrid Oliveira allegedly shut her partner, Giovanna Pedroso out of Olympic Village room to have marathon sex session with male canoeist, Pedro Goncalves

The former partners will now focus on individual events

Ingrid Oliveira and Giovanna Pedroso2
Ingrid Oliveira (l), reportedly booted Giovanna Pedroso (r), from their shared room so she could spend the night with Brazilian canoeist Pedro Goncalves.

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Brazilian synchronized divers Ingrid Oliveira and Giovanna Pedroso, who took home silver medal winners last year, at the Toronto Pan Am Games, have allegedly split after finishing dead last at the in the 10m synchronized dive event at the 2016 Rio olympics.  The pair have gone their separate ways after one’s sex life interrupted the other’s good night sleep. Allegedly, Oliveira kicked Pedroso out of their Olympic Village room so she could have sex.
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20-year-old Ingrid Oliveira it is reported, kicked her partner, Giovanna Pedroso, 16,  out of their Olympic Village room for an alleged late-night sex session with Brazilian canoeist Pedro Goncalves.

Canoeist Pedro Goncalves allegedly spent the night with Oliveira.jpgMan in the middle, canoeist Pedro Goncalves who possibly cost the synchronized diving team a medal spot. He allegedly had an all night sex-marathon with Oliveira before her event.

The pair finished in last place the next day in the 10m platform competition, more than 70 points behind China, and Pedroso dumped her partner soon after.
“After the Olympics, I will focus on my individual,” she told O Globo. “It’s good because I will not need to depend on anyone. Then I will be able to improve and evolve more.” Click Here!

Ingrid Oliveira3.jpg
Ingrid Oliveira, shown in a headstand, and Pedroso placed last in their event

The midnight romp wasn’t the first quarrel the partners had in Rio, either.
Oliviera reportedly wanted to train more for her individual dives while Pedroso wanted to work on their synchronized acts. Goncalves refused to comment on his alleged activities.

Oliveira and Pedroso compete in the 10m dive

The two olympians were not in sync during the dive as Oliveira and Pedroso placed last in the 10m dive the day after their fight

Ingrid Oliveira2.jpg

Ingrid Oliveira booted her partner out of their Olympic Village room the night before their dive so she could spend time with a man

“My personal life, I do not speak about,” he told O Globo.
The International Olympic Committee was prepared for athletic affairs, at least, handing out 450,000 condoms in Rio — three times more than in London in 2012.

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