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Harry Burkhart goes on California arson spree, in retaliation for mother’s deportation from US to Germany – He threatened to ‘roast America’

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Harry Burkhart, 29, was agitated that his Russian born mother was facing deportation to Germany to face criminal charges

The 29-year-old German threatens to ‘roast America’ in retaliation and sets 47 fires in a California arson spree 5 years ago

Indicted on 25 counts of arson of property and 19 counts of arson of an inhabited dwelling, enters two pleas: not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity

Burkhart faces 80 years in state prison if convicted

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Harry Burkhart3
Pony-tailed then 24-year-old Harry Burkhart arrested in 2012 for his arson spree in Los Angeles
Dorothea Burkhart2
Dorothee Burkhart

A 29-year-old German man set nearly 50 fires in a California arson spree and threatened to “roast America” because he wanted revenge for his mother’s deportation. There were no deaths or serious injuries as a result of the fires, but property damage is an estimated  $3 million.  According to Los Angeles County prosecutor Sean Carney, the suspect, Harry Burkhart,  inflicted “unspeakable devastation and terror.”

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Carney said, Burkhart placed incendiary devices under cars in Hollywood, the San Fernando Valley and West Hollywood on Dec. 30 and Dec. 31, 2011, and on Jan. 2 during the following year. The sheer number of fires “brought the fire department in this city to its knees,” Carney said.

Burkhart's arrest.pngHarry Burkhart is arrested by deputies as he replenished his arson kit

Burkhart who was born in Chechnya could face 80 years in state prison if convicted. He pleaded not guilty, and not guilty by reason of insanity.
A prosecutor told jurors, Monday that Burkhart  “ was angry with America because his mother had been arrested and was in custody of the United States, being held for extradition to Germany,” DDA Sean Carney said. An enraged Harry Burkhart then went on an arson rampage, setting dozens of fires in Hollywood, West Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley because he  “wanted America to burn.”
Harry Burkhart arson1.png

During his ‘reign of terror’, Harry Burkhart placed incendiary devices under cars in Hollywood

His mother Dorothee, who was born in Russia, was facing extradition to Germany to face criminal charges. Ms Burkhart who allegedly owned an erotic massage business, had been linked to websites offering the services of ‘Goddess Annabelle’ in the Hollywood area. The sites described their owner as a ‘sexologist’, but emphasised that her massages were not to be confused with prostitution. Click Here!
The potential deportation of Ms Burkhart, who it was said did not to have a valid visa, might have been be connected to her son Harry’s alleged rampage through Los Angeles. Harry became agitated during her hearing.

Dorothea Burkhart3.jpg
Dorothee Burkhart’s online advert

Dorothee lashed out numerous times in federal court, accusing Americans of “letting the Nazis get her and her boy.”  Burkhart became enraged during his mother’s deportation hearing “He announced to everyone there, ‘f*** America,’ ” and was kicked out of the courtroom.
Video footage showed Burkhart returning again and again to a Ralphs supermarket to “reload” his “arson kit” of fires starters, matches and other materials. A reserve sheriff’s deputy, who saw his minivan, arrested  the defendant Jan. 2, 2012.

Harry Burkhart7

Burkhart was tripped by cctv footage

Deputy Public Defender Steve Schoenfield said prosecutors can tie the suspect to only six or seven fires and said a sanity phase is almost a certainty.
While he was awaiting trial, Burkhart was diagnosed with skin cancer and and was close to death, he is in remission, but uses a wheelchair.
Harry Burkhart was  was indicted on 25 counts of arson of property, 19 counts of arson of an inhabited dwelling, two counts each of possession of an incendiary device and attempted arson and one count of arson of a structure.Burkhart entered two pleas: not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity.
The defense attorney said a sanity phase of the trial is almost a certainty, implying that his client would likely be found guilty on some counts.


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