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Alabama attorney, John Fisher Jr, accused of trafficking methamphetamine, wrote Facebook posts attacking illegal drugs

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John Fisher Jr, conservative radio talkshow host and criminal defense attorney, who rails against illegal drugs busted for allegedly trafficking methamphetamine

Criminal defense attorney and Radio Talk Show host John Fisher Jr, nabbed by cops on the same block as his law firm

Fisher, 48, is accused of trafficking controlled substances, officers seized 369 grams of methamphetamine during the bust

The Alabama attorney who describes his radio show as “the absolute unfiltered truth about all things American” used to write Facebook posts attacking illegal drugs

The Church deacon was arrested with accomplice Christopher Rushing, 42,  during the methamphetamine bust, Friday

Fisher and Rushing  both charged with trafficking in methamphetamine and held on $250,000 bond

Defense attorney John Fisher Jr busted for crystal meth1.jpg

John Fisher Jr. was arrested, Friday. Cops seized 369 grams of meth during the bust
Alabama criminal defense attorney and radio talk show host,  John Fisher Jr., was one of the men rounded up by drug law enforcement agents, in Tuscaloosa for allegedly trafficking methamphetamine.
Officers arrested Fisher, on Friday after learning about a suspicious backpack drop.
Agents with the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force were informed that suspect Christopher Rushing had dropped off a backpack containing meth lab components at a Tuscaloosa business, said Lt. Teena Richardson, Tuscaloosa police spokeswoman.
The agents conducted surveillance and said they saw Fisher enter the business and later leave with the backpack. They followed him to his office on Greensboro Avenue, Richardson said.

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Rushing later arrived at Fisher’s office and was observed leaving with the backpack, Richardson said. Agents took both men into custody and obtained consent to search Rushing’s vehicle, where they said they found a one-pot meth lab and 369 grams of oil.
According to the police,  more arrests are expected in the bust as the investigation continues.
Fisher, 48, describes himself as “very active in the Tuscaloosa community” on his attorney profile, as a deacon at the Calvary Baptist Church, a guest lecturer at the University of Alabama, and the host of the “John Fisher Radio Show,” which he describes his  as “the absolute unfiltered truth about all things American” and “easily understood with no political correctness.”

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Christopher Rushing arrested with John Fisher Jr1.jpg
Christopher Rushing,  arrested with the attorney John Fisher Jr, during the methamphetamine bust, Friday

Fisher has publicly spoken out against illegal drug use in the past on his radio show’s page.
In one post defending gun owners, he called himself a “law abiding citizen” and criticized the government for not spending more resources on taking drugs off the streets.
“Illegal drug use is a MUCH more expensive drain on society in terms of healthcare and work issues,” he wrote in his rant.John Fisher Show2.png

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In 2013, he also called out Alabama’s then-secretary of law enforcement Spencer Collier after his son Christopher Collier was arrested for selling Oxycodone pills.
Since his arrest, Fisher’s Facebook page for his show has been blasted with comments against drug dealers.
John Fisher Show1.png
Fisher and Rushing were both charged with trafficking in methamphetamine and held on $250,000 bond.

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