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New Jersey man, Ryan Coles, arrested for beating his parents to death with his bare hands and a chair inside their home – Cops found suspect inside the home as ‘calm as could be’, when they arrived

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Ryan Coles (l) allegedly beat his parentnts (r) to death, useing his hands and a chair

28-year-old Ryan Coles who lived with his parents in their in West Deptford, New Jersey home accused of bludeoning them to death

Family found Edward Coles Jr, 58, and Rosemarie, 55, Friday, dead from blunt force trauma to the head

Cops say they arrived home to find,  Ryan who allegedly beat the couple to death using his hands and a chair,  inside as calm as could be when officers arrived

Officers send him for medical evaluation, where he remains, bail set at $1 million

Faces murder and weapons charges

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Ryan Coles2.pngRyan Coles3.png

Ryan Coles lived at home with his parents and worked in the family business, but neighbors say  ‘the impression [we] had was he was a little bit off.’

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A 28-year-old New Jersey man beat both of his parents, Edward Coles Jr, 58, and his wife, 55-year-old Rosemarie, to death at the home the shared with them, authorities say. A relative mid morning stop at the home,  and found the couple dead inside their house in West Deptford on Friday.
The relative went to the home around 11.30am after trying and failing to reach the couple by phone.
When police arrived, their son, Ryan Coles, was in the home. Now Ryan, 28, has been charged with the  murder of his parents, as well as, weapons offenses, according to the complaint signed against him. The young Coles allegedly beat his parents with his hands and an unknown object, authorities said.
Ryan Cole (left), 28, is accused of killing his parents Rosemarie (center), 55, and Edward Jr (right)1.png
Ryan Cole (l) accused of killing his parents Rosemarie  and Edward Jr inside their home in New Jersey, Friday

Ryan who lived in the home with his parents was s inside when cops arrived. He was transported to the  Inspira Medical Center in Woodbury, Friday for a medical evaluation.  Officersthen moved him to jail on Saturday. He lived with his parents.
Autopsies determined his parents died from blunt head trauma. Authorities have not announced a motive for the killings.
The younger Coles now faces murder and weapons charges. His bail was set at $1 million.

Investigatiing officers outside the Coles New jersey home2.png

West Deptford police found the suspect, all ‘calm’ inside the family’s home on Friday

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Edward Jr worked as a repair technician at Coles Music Service, the family’s music store in Sewell, which he founded.  He launched Coles Music Service in 2008, and the business quickly grew from a repair shop to a full-service music store, with a focus on school bands and orchestras.  He later sold the business to his cousins, Lauralee and Ed Houghton.
He had also played in Bonsal Blues Bands, a concert, marching and dance band group based in Woodbury, for 42 years.
‘Ed loved his Bonsal Blues Family and put his heart and soul into the band as member and conductor for 42 years. It is impossible to express the loss that we are all feeling,’ a message on the band’s website read.
Responding officers say the son Ryan, was ‘as calm as could be’ and said his parents were sick before the relative found them, according to a close friend of the family.
A police said Edward Coles Sr., also a band member and a friend described the scene he met at the house to the cops: “He told me [Ryan Coles] was almost as calm as could be, and he said his parents were sick,” Coles Sr. then checked for himself and found the bodies.

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Neighbors reacted with sorrow but also said the family’s home was the frequent site of police activity.
“I am shocked but not surprised,” said Michael Mustac, noting the repeated police presence.
He said suspect often sat on the home’s front steps, sometimes appearing to talk to himself. Another neighbor John Ferencsik  said he got the impression ‘He seemed a little detached, depressed,’ ‘We didn’t really know that, just know the impression I had was he was a little bit off.’

The Coles who married in 1983, have a younger son as well

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  1. the mother is clearly an alcoholic from a few pics floating around the internet… super red roscia cneeks. The father also mention drinking quite often on his facebook page. Someone else also pointed out the extreme weight gain of the parents in recent years. Something wasn’t right in this family. This guy is still a monster pos but it still isn’t as easy as they were great loving parents and he was a monster.

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