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Domestic abuser, Kevin Ewing, battered and killed his wife Tierne, hours after his release on bond for prior charge of kidnapping and torturing her

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Kevin Ewing killed his wife Tierne (right),  after being let out  on bond for assaulting and holding her hostage

Charges pending

Kevin Ewing2

Kevin Ewing was already out on $100,000 bond, for assaulting and holding his wife, Tierne, against her will

Ms Ewing, who was kidnapped at gunpoint by her husband while he was under house arrest  on charges he beat and abducted her two months earlier was found dead inside a barn, and he was was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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Police found the them Tuesday night after searching most of the day for them. Tierne Ewing, 48, was abducted from a home in West Finley Township by Kevin Ewing at about 12:30 a.m., authorities said, and the car they’d been in was found abandoned near a wooded area eight hours after that.

Tierne Ewing1

Kevin Ewing had a prior for kidnapping and torturing Tierne nearly two weeks

By 9 p.m., police surrounded a barn several miles from where the woman was abducted. After forcing their way in, police found Tierne Ewing dead of an apparent gunshot wound and her husband with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Court documents show that Mr Ewing was arrested on July 8, on charges of kidnapping, carrying an unlicensed gun, aggravated assault, terrorist threats, false imprisonment, unlawful restraints and reckless endangerment. Ms Ewing was sent to a bank by Mr Ewing the to withdraw some money.

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Tierne Ewing, 48,  told authorities he beat and pistol-whipped her, spat on her, kept her hands tied with wire and branded her legs with a piece of hot metal, having been restrained with a cord around her neck, her hands tied behind her back with wires, and her mouth taped shut.
A criminal complaint was filed, charging him with kidnapping, aggravated assault, terrorist threats, false imprisonment and other crimes.
Tierne Ewing had staples closing a cut on her head – a home remedy, not hospital-administered – that she told police was caused when her husband hit her with a wooden gun stock. She had also been locked in a closet, police said.
The victim escaped when her husband sent her into a credit union to withdraw money and she told tellers she was being held against her will and feared that her husband would kill her, the complaint said.
Bank officials called police, who found Kevin Ewing in the parking lot with a rifle, handgun and a knife, the complaint said.
Police confirmed Ms Ewing was covered with injuries including bruises, burns and cuts. She told the police she  had been held against her will for several days. Police said she had been hit in the head with a handgun, resulting in a concussion and a laceration that required staples. He was arrested.

Ewing's silver Honda was found in a wooded area Tuesday morning1.jpg

Cops discover Ewing’s silver Honda sedan in a wooded area, early Tuesday

Ms Ewing’s father Richard Kopko said :
“She was scared to death of him. He threatened her all the time, and he beat her up several times,” Richard Kopko said after authorities told him his daughter was dead. “July wasn’t the worst. She’s been beat so bad before.”
“She told me years ago, ‘Dad, if you can’t ever find me, I’ll be buried on his dad’s farm‘”.

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Mr Ewing was given bond of $100,000 by Common Pleas Judge Gary Gilman who refused to raise the bond amount as requested by  Washington County District Attorney Gene Vittone, given the seriousness of the offenses. The Judge ordered Mr. Ewing confined to his home without weapons and made him wear an electronic ankle bracelet.
Trooper Stefani Plume has said Mr. Ewing cut off the ankle device and left it at home before abducting his wife early Tuesday. He is yet to be charged for her death.


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