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Jasmine Absulin, aka ‘Celeste Guap’, Teenage prostitute at center of Bay Area police scandals arrested at Florida rehab

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‘Celeste Guap’, the attention seeking Teenage prostitute, who has brought several Bay Area police departments to their knees

Teenage sex worker at center of Bay Area police scandals arrested for battery in Florida

Celeste Guap, 19, real name Jasmine Absulin,  arrested for attacking deputies during violent episode Monday, while in rehab for for substance abuse and sex addiction

Tried to “solicit sex” from the deputies who arrested her

Absulin “Celeste’   held in St. Martin County jail on $300,000 bail

asmine Absulin, aka 'Celeste Guap', was arrested for battery in Florida1.jpgThe real victim – Celeste Guap, in rehab under her real name Jasmine Absulin. She was  arrested for battery
The California teen at the center of a multi-agency underage sex scandal among several Bay area police departments has been arrested while in a rehab facility in Florida. After a young Oakland police officer who took her from a pimp and turned her into a comfort pillow for over 30 cops across seven different police departments, the Celeste Guap affair has left a dismal trail of broken lives and careers:

Valentino Women’s Single Handle Bag, Red/White/BlackHer reaction to the chaos she left in her wake? – “I just want everyone to know that I didn’t do this on purpose. I didn’t want to ruin these officers lives,” Celeste Guap said of the sex scandal involving her.
That is the story of Jasmine Absulin, aka ‘Celeste Guap’, a victim of child sex trafficking.

celeste guap speaks to CBS.JPG
Celeste speaks to CBS San Francisco at the break of the bay area police sex scandal

The city of Richmond, whose police department is among those caught in “L’affair du Celeste” paid for the teen to enter a rehab program in Florida. Barely hours into the program, Guap has had a meltdown. She has been arrested and remanded in a county jail on a $300,000 bail.
Celeste Guap, now 19, told reporters earlier this year that she had sex with dozens of officers from Bay Area forces, including three while she was underage.

celeste guap arrested in her real name1.jpgThe teenage sex worker at the center of scandals involving multiple California police departments. Seven Bay Area departments are linked to a scandal where Guap said she had sex with dozens of police officers

The daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher, Guap also said that she was tipped off about prostitution raids that could have seen her arrested.
Investigations into officers’ conduct and the way that their superiors handled internal investigations ultimately led to Oakland Police going through four chiefs in a little more than a week.

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Guap, whose real name is Jasmin Celeste Absulin, entered rehab in Florida for substance abuse and sex addiction last week, but was arrested for battery after a violent episode Monday.
A police report from St. Martin County said that the teen ran out of the facility, took her clothes off and began flashing people on the street.
Once she was back inside the rehab center she lunged at one security officer and bit another on the arm.

Celeste Guap twitted her escapades with Bay area cops. One took her back home in his squad car.jpg

Guap said that officers would do her favors, such as tipping her off about prostitution raids

Abuslin arrived at the Treasure Coast Recovery Center in Stuart on Friday, the day after her 19th birthday, to participate in a drug rehabilitation program.

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Before she left California, she said she was excited and nervous about getting treatment for heroin and sex addiction.
She said the Richmond police investigators told her she had to go to rehab, “They said it was a paid vacation, to consider it a paid vacation.”
The rehab and treatment program is paid for by a victim’s fund.
But just three days after arriving, she was “being abusive towards staff,” according to a Martin County Sheriff’s Office incident report.
Deputies were called to the rehab facility where a woman was reported being abusive towards staff.

From left to right, former Interim Chief Paul Figueroa, former Police Chief Sean Whent, and former Chief Ben Fairow. .jpgLeft to right, former Interim Chief Paul Figueroa, former Police Chief Sean Whent, and former Chief Ben Fairow. All left their posts in the wake of the Celeste Guap scandal

Guap was talking about how many officers she slept with in California and past drug use, the report says. She then admits blacking out and ripping a blind off the window.
The report states Guap flashed people at the rehab center and people driving by.
“Abuslin removed the clothing covering her chest and began flashing passing motorists,” according to the report.
A worker at the rehabilitation center was able to convince Guap to come back inside and put her in a small room.

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Two security officers went into the room with the worker.
“The workers were afraid Abuslin was going to become violent,” the report says. “Sanders stated Abuslin began posturing in an aggressive manner, balling her fists and taking a bladed stance.”
Guap began screaming and lunged at one of the security officers.
The rehabilitation center worker tried restraining Guap and she ended up biting him on the arm. “While on scene I observed Sanders had teeth marks on his right forearm,” according to the report.
The altercation was caught on surveillance video. The image of Guap biting the worker was out of the camera’s view. Guap was taken into custody and booked into the Martin County Jail.

celeste guap arrested in her real name4The report says that Celeste had a violent episode in rehab and tried to “solicit sex” from the deputies who arrested her

The report also states that “During the entire incident and transport, Abuslin was attempting to solicit sex from deputies”.
Celeste’s stint at the rehab facility in Florida kicked in after her 19th birthday, late last month. The teen sex worker said the City of Richmond is footing the bill.
Until now she had rejected the city’s earlier gesture to pay for out-of-state rehab.
Now, she says she is ready to take them up on the offers
Meanwhile, her family is devastated that the teen is in a Florida jail.
Her father says he spoke to her on the phone Thursday for about 20 minutes. He said Celeste was crying and begging to come home. She complained the rehab center staff wouldn’t let her use a phone to call her parents. He said that is what sparked the latest incident that landed her in jail.

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Celeste’s grandmother said that her granddaughter is so far away from home during such a tough time.
The family said the teen went to Florida for getting substance abuse treatment, so they don’t understand why she is now sitting in jail. They question the facts around this incident. According to her family, Guap is not a violent person and wouldn’t hurt anyone unless provoked.
The family wonders if throwing Celeste behind bars is law enforcement’s way of getting revenge.
Absulin had previously told reporters that Richmond, a city north of Oakland that had officers involved in the scandal, was paying for her treatment in Florida.

Last measure – Following the domino fall of successive police chiefs,  Mayor Libby Schaaf, right, announces that city administrator Sabrina Landreth, left, will temporarily oversee the Oakland Police Department at a news conference Friday, June 17, 2016 in Oakland, California
celeste guap arrested in her real name2.JPG

Guap’s name surfaced after the officer who rescued from a pimp, then slept with her when she was 17 committed suicide in September, 2015

What began as a scandal with the Oakland Police has spread to other law enforcements, with six other agencies affected and a San Francisco officer accused of having sex with a then-underage Absulin.

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Her name surfaced after one of those officers committed suicide.
She said the dead officer slept with her when she was 17 committed suicide in September 2015, after he ignored her texts and she sent a message about their affair to one of his superiors.
She said she had sex with more than 30 Bay Area cops from at least seven different law enforcement agencies, including some when she was underage. Currently, at least five Bay Area police agencies still have internal personnel investigations pending.
St. Martin County jail records show that Absulin is being held on $300,000 bail.
Sarai Smith-Mazariegos, who works with sex trafficking survivors in Oakland, says: “It’s not that she’s a bad person or she’s horrible. It’s the fact that she’s dealing with a lot of trauma. She doesn’t even understand her own victimization.”




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