A 36-year-old woman in Australia who was caught in bed with her teenage stepson, later had a child with him. She has been convicted on two counts of incest

Woman, 36, who had a two-year affair with her stepson admits incest

She first denied affair to her ex-husband before signing statutory undertaking, her step son signed too, to end affair

The couple who began their relationship in 2012 when the son was 18, and still living at home, now they have a child child

Affair lasted two years, he moved away from home, she later joined him, they now live together and still an item

She’s convicted on two counts of incest, sentenced to community corrections order for one year

A woman in Victorian, Australia who slept with her stepson and later gave birth to his child has pleaded guilty to incest. The 36-year-old,  had a two-year affair with her teenage stepson, for which she has been convicted of two counts of incest.
The parties to the suit who can not be named for legal reasons, began a sexual relationship with her then-husband’s child in 2012 when he was 18 and still living at the family home in Canberra. Two years after the affair begun, the woman left her husband and came to Victoria to be with his son.

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The County Court heard the stepmum, in her 30s, had been married to the boy’s father for more than five years when he caught her with his then-18-year-old son in a tent while they were camping.The woman separated from her then husband, just months after she was first caught with the his son. They are now officially divorced.
After formalising her divorce, the former stepmother moved in with the younger man, she became pregnant and gave birth to their baby. The pair are still togather.
The court heard police had also laid charges against the young man caught in the love triangle, but they were later dropped.
ProsecutorTania Bolton ,told the court the woman had known her then-stepson since he was in primary school, and he had lived with the couple for several of his teen years.
The woman who intitially denied she had slept with her stepson, later confessed to a friend. The lovers also signed a statutory declaration, stating that the affair was over, however they are now in a relationship and have a young child together.
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When she gave birth to their baby, prosecutor Bolton said, her  ex-husband reported the matter to police and his son was ordered by the courts to provide a DNA sample to compare to the baby’s placenta which was seized by police. DNA testing showed “strong support” the stepson was the baby’s father.
At the time, the then-18-year-old’s father and biological mother provided emotional Victim Impact Statements to the court, prompting Judge David Parsons to warn the gallery “what I apply is the law, this is not a court of morals”.
“This case excites extraordinary passions,” he said.
Earlier the court had granted a defense request for anadjourned undertaking and he believed an adjourned undertaking would be an appropriate sentence, since their  client had no prior criminal history.
Judge Parsons in granting the  adjournment also requested a Forensicare report, stating said that while he couldn’t force the former stepson, he would be assisted if he got an independent psychological report so he could “hear from him in an appropriate way”.

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The woman was sentenced, Friday, to a community corrections order for one year, at Victoria’s County Court.

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A psychological report tendered to the court stated that the stepson is a mature, independent young man with no indication of mental illness.
‘[He] has made an informed and independent decision to continue in a relationship with his father’s former wife,’ the report said.
Judge Parsons said it was clear all involved in the matter had been deeply affected and probably would be for some time but hoped the relationships could be mended for the sake.
‘I am not here to effect a family reunion,’ Judge Parson warned, saying there had been some strong emotions expressed in victim impact statements tendered after the woman pleaded guilty.
Judge Parsons allowed the woman to step out of the dock and sit next to her new partner for the hearing. He sentenced her to serve a community corrections order for one year and said it was not necessary to add her to the sex offenders registry.