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Ohio businessman, Jamal Mansour, indicted in ‘execution style’ murder of his 27-year-old daughter at family’s suburban home – Claims he shot in the head because he was angry

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Ohio man ‘assassinated’ his 27-year-old daughter described at family’s suburban Ohio home

27-year-old clinical pharmacist, Tahani Mansour, was shot twice in the head by her dad in Cleveland, Ohio 

Jamal Mansour, 63, told cops he shot his daughter in her bedroom because he was angry after an arguement

He was indicted Wednesday on murder, aggravated murder and felony assault 

Jamal Mansour remains jailed on a $4.5 million bond


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Clinical pharmacist Tahani Mansour died Sept. 27, ‘executed’ at her family’s suburban Cleveland home by her dad

A 63-year-old Cleveland businessman who admitted he fatally shot his 27-year-old daughter at his family’s suburban home has been indicted in her death.
A jury charged Jamal Mansour, with murder, aggravated murder and felony assault on Wednesday in the Sept. 27 slaying of his daughter, clinical pharmacist Tahani Mansour.
Friends of the victim from her medical college  confirrmed that, for years the 27-year-old woman had lived in fear of her father, .
The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that prosecutor Michael O’Shea as saying in court days after her death that Jamal Mansour “essentially assassinated his own daughter, your honor, with gunshots to the head, not one but two,” O’Shea said. “A guy that’s willing to murder his own daughter, the gate is open to what else he might do”.
Mansour, who owns several retail businesses around Northeast Ohio, told police he shot the youngest of his six children in her bedroom at their Rocky River home because he was angry after an argument. Switching his story, he later told a judge the shooting had been an accident.
Mansour’s attorney in an earlier statement said “Mr. Mansour is a good man who very much loves his family,” said the lawyer, Angelo Lonardo.
Police in Rocky River, Ohio, a suburb nine miles outside Cleveland had received at least three previous calls in the past six years from the home. Notably, on one occasion in December 2012, officers, had gone to the family’s home, during a dispute between the father and daughter where Jamal Mansour threatened to take his own life, according to the police reports.
The two other calls to police made from the Mansour household were made in 2010 and 2013. Officers checked on the house after a 911 hang-up call was made in August 2010. Officers determined the call was accidental, a police report states.
In April 2013, Rocky River police tried to serve a felony warrant on a man who was supposed to be at the house. The man was not at the residence at the time, and officers left within 20 minutes of arriving. On that occasion, his wife told police he was “very upset” about his daughter’s trip to Las Vegas for a conference. Her friends and colleagues confirmed his daughter, had been attending a national conference in Las Vegas at the time.

Mansour Cleveland crime scene.png
 The Mansour home in Rocky River, a suburb outside Cleveland, where Jamal Mansour shot his daughter

Tahani Mansour graduated in 2013 from Northeast Ohio Medical University. Philip King, her classmate and friend from the doctor of pharmacy program, remembered her commitment to her education, how much she enjoyed socializing with friends and her beauty.
Her family was “very, very protective” of her, King said, remembering her devotion to the medical program.
“It seemed to me like it was almost an escape,” he said.
King thinks she may have tried to hide her two-year relationship with a classmate from her family. She once told King she was afraid of her father, though he said he didn’t question her further about the situation.
“I didn’t ask,” he said. “I knew there were cultural reasons.”
Tahani Mansour, a recent hire at the Cleveland Clinic, the world-renowned nonprofit academic medical center, completed her residency at Geauga Medical Center and later served as a clinical pharmacist at Ahuja Medical Center, according to the Ohio Society of Health System Pharmacists.
According to postings by her friends on the Society’s Facebook page that she took the nickname “Ta-honey bunny” after a patient struggled to pronounce her name and asked if that was right. She and a colleague often held what they called “dessert-offs” vying to see who could eat more.
“As I grew to know her personally, I learned what an extraordinary heart she had for her friends, family, and the pharmacy profession,” one person wrote. “She was full of life and energy, and her memory will be everlasting on the many people she impacted.”
Mansour owns a gas station in Chardon. He and other members of his family own several stores across Northeast Ohio, lawyers said. He recently traveled to Jerusalem, where members of his family are building an apartment complex.
Jamal Mansour remained jailed Friday on an escalated bond of $4.5 million bond. The judge increased bond from $1.5 million to $4.5 million after prosecutors pointed out his recent trip to Israel, noting that he had a place to live out of the country.

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