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Businessman whose girlfriend was jailed 7 years for gross domestic abuse – says he was bludgeoned with a bar, hit with a hammer and smashed in the face with a phone, his groin scalded with boiling water during the abusive relationship

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Male victim of domestic abuse speaks out

Ian McNicholl, 54, is now speaking out over the violence and his horrific treatment during 18 months of living with girlfriend, Michelle Williamson

Williamson, then 34, branded him with an iron, put out cigarettes on his chest and pushed them up his nose every time he refused sex

McNicholl’s injuries include cracked ribs, a fractured skull, broken cheekbones and a smashed nose during months of abuse 
Williamson received a seven year jail sentence for the string of attacks.

Ian McNicholl3.jpg

Ian McNicholl suffered a lot of broken bones during the 18 month reign of terror by his partner. He admits he struggled to know how to get out of the relationship

Months of domestic violence left Ian McNicholl with a catalog of severe injuries and broken bones. He recounts how he was branded with an iron and had burning cigarettes pushed up his nose every time he refused to have sex with his violent partner.

He even had boiling poured over his groin and was also bludgeoned with a bar, hit with a hammer and smashed in the face with a phone during the abusive relationship.

Michelle Williamson1.jpg
Michelle Williamson is now out of jailed after serving seven years for domestic violence

Ian McNicholl was  49-year-old UK businessman when he met Michelle Williamson, 34. From their chance meeting at a local train station he went on to live a year and half, in pure misery and agony. He racked up a string of injuries which includes cracked ribs, a fractured skull, broken cheekbones and a smashed nose enduring 18 months of abuse while living with his partner, Michelle Williamson.
The petite, 5ft 1in Michelle Williamson,  beat her businessman boyfriend so severely that he almost lost his arm and will need cosmetic surgery to heal his horrific scars.


Ian Nicholl felt trapped in a living nightmare and had the bruises to show for it

Now at 54, McNicholl is a spokesman for an anti-domestic abuse campaign, he said his partner never showed any remorse over the abuse: “There was never any remorse. She’d do it, then send me out for cigarettes, she definitely got off on it.”
During one memorable incident, she even hit him with a vacuum cleaner when he refused to tell her the sexual details of a previous relationship, he said: ‘She began ranting and raving about previous partners of mine.
‘Then, all of a sudden, she switched the vacuum cleaner off, grabbed the nozzle and whacked me across the face with it. I could feel my cheek split.’
Williamson has since jailed for seven years for the string of attacks.Ian McNicholl5.jpg

Ian McNicholl who works to raise awareness around domestic violence even had cigarettes stubbed out on his chest. He warns that abusers never quit the behavior

According to Nicholls, the irrational behavior started four months after they hooked up following a chance  meeting at Birmingham train Station. He was there working as a training adviser.
The violence then escalated over 18 months, while the pair were living in. Ian, who lived in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, said the abuse was often sparked by him refusing to have sex with his partner.
He said: “She’d rant ‘You don’t love me enough, you have five minutes to be ready for sex’.
“That, of course, is the last thing on your mind. Then she’d say ‘You now have four minutes, three minutes…
“At the end of five minutes she’d blocked out what she had done.”
His ordeal only ended after a neighbor alerted the authorities following a pattern of violence that saw Ian struck with a phone, a metal bar from a rowing machine and a hammer. Recounting the horrific incidents, he said he had a magnum of Champagne smashed across his knees, cigarettes stubbed out on his chest and shoved into his nose. He was  scalded with boiling water twice and branded between the shoulder blades with a pressing iron in the course of 18 months.
Williamson was convicted for causing grievous bodily harm. She served a seven-year prison sentence and is now free.

Ian McNicholl2.jpg
Ian McNicholl was branded with a pressing iron, smashed with a hammer and magnum of champagne in the course of an abusive relationship that sent the perpetrator to jail for 7 years

Commenting on the anatomy of abuse in relationships, he explained that the relationship had not always been abusive.In fact Williamson he said, had been “friendly” and with a “good sense of humor” when they first met. However, he warned: “Perpetrators will strike when they know they have control – there is a grooming process.
“Manipulation leads to isolation, isolation gives the perpetrators control. My tactic was to not do anything that would make her angry.”
Michelle had warned her partner to blame the visible bruises she caused on burly blokes who were chasing his unpaid gambling debt. He stayed in the chaotic relationship he said, because Michelle told him that she had connections and would have him killed: ‘She would show off my injuries to her friends.
‘I felt as though I couldn’t walk away, because she told me she had family who were involved in organised crime who would kill me if I left her.
‘I felt I was trading with my life.
The night before Williamson’s arrest, she terrorized McNicholl during an attack that lasted almost seven hours. He was beaten with a metal bar and his body smashed in places with a claw hammer. An anonymous phone call tipped off the cops, who rescued him, took him to hospital for treatment and arrested the Williamson.
Ian, who is now an ambassador for anti-household violence charity Mankind Initiative said: I was brought up well and taught never to hit a woman – and I didn’t lay a finger on her.’
He is scheduled tell his story at a Surviving Domestic Abuse seminar next month. The seminar is targeted at police, lawyers and health workers.





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