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Lee Kaplan, Pennsylvania man accused of receiving teen girl as gift charged with sexually abusing her and five of her sisters

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Lee Kaplan, was charged Monday with 15 additional counts of statutory sexual assault, the rape of children and related charges
Pennsylvania man accused of receiving teen girl as gift charged with sexually abusing all sisters aged 8 – 18 years
Prosecutors announced 15 new charges of sex abuse and rape against Kaplan
Cops rescued 12 girls, aged 6 months-18 years, found living in Pa. home with homeowner, Lee Kaplan, 51, who claimed the 18-year-old was ‘Gifted’ to him by her parents when she was 14
The 18 year old, had babies with Kaplan at age 14 and 17
Teen’s parents, Daniel Stoltzfus, 43, and Savilla Stoltzfus, 42, admitted having “gifted” their daughter to Kaplan after researching legality on internet, because he “saved them from financial ruin”
The couple alo gifted their five other daughters to go live in Kaplan’s house – aged 17, 15, 13,  10 with the youngest victim being an 8-year-old girl
Investigators say Lee Kaplan made all six girls believe they were his wives and he was “a religious cult-like figure to whom they should submit their will,” he sexually molested all the girls, including the 8-year-old girl who said Kaplan had violated her anally
Daniel Stoltzfus and his wife Savilla, were earlier charged with conspiracy to commit statutory sexual assault and children endangerment, endangering the welfare of a child. 
The children were placed in protective custody and the 18 year-old’s were parents held, bail set at $1 million each
Initially charged with statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault and other offenses, Kaplan has been jailed since police found the 12 teen girls in his Feasterville home in June 

Can the authorities in PA please establish how Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus knowingly  pimped out their 10 underage daughters to a single middle aged pedophile, how much leaverage Kaplan had on the couple and how come this crime went unnoticed for over 8 years

Lee Kplan-Savilla and Daniel Stoltzfus.png

The face of evil and recklessness: Savilla (center) and Daniel  Stolzfus (right), husband and wife, hung out their young daughters ‘to dry’ in the hands of a pervert for financial gains. 51-year-old Lee Kaplan (left) molested 6 of the 10 under-aged girls left in his care.

Last June, police rescued 12 girls, aged 6 months-18 years, from the home of a middle aged Pennsylvania man, who had been accused of abusing one of the teenage girls.
Lee Kaplan allegedly, fathered two kids with the eldest of the girls, an 18-year-old whom he claimed had been gifted to him by her parents at the age of 12, as settlement for business debts.
Of the 12 girls rescued from the home, 10 were sisters and an infant and a 3-year-old belonged to the oldest woman, now 18, fathered by Kaplan .
At the time of his arrest, The eldest girl told investigators her parents left her with Kaplan to save themselves from “financial ruin” upon leaving the Amish community when she was 14.

Lee Kaplan and Daniel Stoltzfus.png

The father charged with complicity in the sexual assault of his minor daughters, Daniel  Stolzfus (middle in yellow) and convicted child molester, 51-year-old Lee Kaplan (right in yellow), led into court for arraignment by deputies

Her version of events was confirmed by her parents Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus, who themselves were charged with child endangerment. The couple claim they turned all their 10 children over to live in Kaplan’s home for the last three to four years, after they lost their farm.
While Kaplan and the Stoltzfus husband and wife remain jailed, new findings in the investigations revealed that 51-year-old  Kaplan  sexually abused six of the sisters, prosecutors said, Monday.
Police allege that the molestation of the youngsters began when the youngest was 6 years, . The charges detail various acts Kaplan allegedly performed on the girls, including vaginal and anal rape.

Savilla Stoltzfus2.jpgSavilla Stoltzfus makes her court appearance

According to prosecutors, Kaplan made all six abused girls believe they were his wives and he was “a religious cult-like figure to whom they should submit their will,”.
The Philadelphia Inquirer, reports that the Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub, announced 15 new charges of sex abuse and rape against Kaplan, who has been jailed since police found the 12 girls in his Feasterville home, in June.
To unearth the facts investigators needed to “gain the trust” of the girls and the past four months, to learn the extent of Kaplan’s crimes, Weintraub said. Contradicting the earlier statement of the victims immediately after the discovery, when the sisters told authorities they had not been abused by their benefactor. At that point they were taken to a safe house in Lancaster County, by child-protection authorities.

daniel Stoltzfus3.png

Daniel Stoltzfus, placed his 10 daughters in harm’s way with a pedophile,for financial gains.  Six of the underaged girls were molested by the 51 year old man . His now charged with Child endangerment.

“Mr. Kaplan represented himself to the girls as a prophet from God,” Weintraub said at a news conference. “Now comes the time for Mr. Kaplan to be held accountable to the laws of mankind and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”
So far, prosecutors are not seeking additional charges against the girls’ parents, who investigators said facilitated the debacle by handing their eldest daughter over to Kaplan’s care in return for his financial help. Daniel Stoltzfus, earlier charged with conspiracy to commit statutory commit statutory sexual assault and children endangerment and his wife Savilla  who was charged with endangering the welfare of a child remain behind bars as of Monday, with the bail set at $1 million.

Lee Kaplan2.jpgLee Kaplan allegedly groomed the children for a long time for a very explicit and horrible purpose, prosecutors said, Monday

Investigators said Kaplan became a business partner with Daniel Stoltzfus and a friend of the family after the couple left the Amish church.  According to court records, the oldest victim told investigators, Kaplan began preying on her when at age 10 in a bedroom of her parent’s home. That’s when Kaplan allegedly first invited her to sleep in his bed where he would be naked and touch himself.
He began having sex with her when she turned 12, according to the arrest affidavit. She moved into Kaplan’s home 20 miles outside Philadelphia, when she was 14, and they had two children by the time she turned 18.

lee kaplan home2.pngLee Kaplan’s home in Feasterville, Pa. where the 10 underage sisters were groomed and assaulted, with the consent of their parents. The oldest had 2 babies for Kaplan when she was aged 14 and 17

“Kaplan would have ‘dreams’ about them becoming his wives and Kaplan stated that this was what God wanted,” the second-oldest daughter told investigators, according to the affidavit.
Now 17, she consummated her ‘marriage’ with Kaplan when she turned 14 years old. The third sister, now 15, started having sex with child molester when she turned 11 years old. The serial pedophile next turned his attention to the fourth sister , now 13, when she turned 10.
The fifth sister, now 10 years old, did not describe rape but told investigators he sexually assaulted her. The sixth sister, an 8-year-old girl, said he had violated her anally.

Screenshot from 2016-06-19 15-26-19.png

Mother-of-10 Savilla Stoltzfus went along with her husband Daniel  in the ‘pimping game’. She remains jailed on child endangerment charges Monday 

Authorities found four other sisters in Kaplan’s home when they arrested him. Investigators said he fathered children aged 3 and 1 with the oldest daughter.
Kaplan faced charges of statutory rape after his arrest. A judge charged him Monday with statutory sexual assault, the rape of children and related charges and set his bail on the new charges at $1 million.
Kaplan acted as the “prime mover” in taking the girls as his wives, but “none of this would’ve happened without the parents’ acquiescence and support,” Weintraub said, noting that the girls were together and safe, at an undisclosed location.
“Although they’re being incredibly brave, they probably still share some feelings for this man because he has had them at his beck and call over many, many years,”
“It saddens me and it sickens me. This man obviously groomed these children for a long time for a very explicit and horrible purpose.”
The victims referred to Kaplan as “Lave” and told authorities they all believed they were his wives.


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  1. Sick to my stomach, let them rot i. Jail,hopefully all the sisters get the help they need ,thk god they found them, horrible


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