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Award winning TV anchor, former Miss USA pageant queen Lu Parker, arrested for theft at LAX

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1994 Miss USA pageant queen, journalist Lu Parker was arrested for theft at Los Angeles airport 
The 2-time Emmy winner is under arrest for pilfering a pair of high-end headphones at LAX
44-year-old L.A. news anchor Parker, reportedly snatched a pair of $200 headphones  belonging to an LAPD Robbery and Homicide detective, from the TSA screening area,
A spokesperson for her station, KTLA, dismisses the arrest as a ‘misunderstanding’

Award winning journalist, pageant judge Lu Parker leaving lockup

Parker — who won the contest in 1994 while representing South Carolina — was caught stealing a pricey pair of headphones at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday, TMZ reported.
The 44-year-old, who also works as an L.A. news anchor, reportedly snatched a pair of $200 headphones — belonging to an LAPD detective — from the TSA screening area, according to the TMZ report.

Lu Parker9.png

The former Miss USA (1994), allegedly stole a pair of $200 headphones while going through security at LAX

A spokesperson for Lu’s employers, KTLA, described the arrest as a misunderstanding. The explanation is that she noticed the earbuds were left behind, and picked them up, “intending to return them to the owner whom she had been speaking with while in line to clear TSA.”
The spokesperson says when Lu was unable to locate the owner, she boarded her flight, adding that she is fully cooperating with authorities.
The 1994 pageant winner, and current news anchor in L.A., allegedly pilfered the headphones Wednesday morning at the TSA screening area in Terminal 6 at Los Angeles international airport. Law enforcement sources the incident occurred as she walked to her gate and boarded her flight.
Eye witnesses say police saw Lu take the head phones on CCTV cameras and tracked her down on the plane before takeoff. Cops pulled her off the flight and took her into custody.
Apparently the owner of the headphones is an LAPD Robbery Homicide detective, but since the headphones are worth just $200, she will probably face a misdemeanor theft.

Lu Parker10.jpg

TV anchor Parker won the Miss USA pageant in 1994
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and news anchor Lu Parker.jpg

Ex-beaus. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and news anchor Lu Parker

The former beauty queen has worked as a news anchor at local L.A. news station KTLA since 2005, famously dating the city’s mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
Parker has received two Emmys for her work as a television journalist. The 44-year-old has also played a journalist on TV in series like “Major Crimes,” “Lie To Me,” “Monk” and “Days of our Lives.”
This is the first time Parker has found herself publicly in trouble with the law. She would most likely face a charge of misdemeanor theft due to the cost of the item.

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