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Bad, bad alcohol – Pennsylvania man, Justin Vankirk beats his roommate to death over beer and takes selfies with body

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Justin Vankirk  beat his roommate to death after suspecting him of stealing his beer
After killing Charles Parker, Vankirktook photos of the dead body and only called police the next afternoon
Investigators also searched Vankirk’s cell phone, saying they found a photo of the victim lying on the dining room floor.
They also said his knuckles were swollen and he had blood on one of his shoes.
Vankirk is charged with aggravated assault, which will likely to be upgraded to criminal homicide
justin-vankirk1Justin Vankirk is accused of beating his roommate to death during an exchange over missing beer
A young man in Pennsylvan, beat his roommate to death during a heated argument over missing bee and then took photos of the dead body, police said. Justin Vankirk was arrested Tuesday for fatally assaulting his roommate, Charles Parker, with punches and kicks at their Brentwood home, according to KDKA.
Vankirk called police himself to report his roommate had died and later gave “various accounts” and timelines of the fatal beating to investigators. It was not immediately clear how long Parker had been dead when Vankirk alerted authorities, a criminal complaint showed.
During interrogation Vankirk admitted he had gotten into a confrontation with Parker after noticing that the roommate had stolen some beer he had bought.
After striking Parker repeatedly over the head and face, Vankirk dragged his roommate from the bedroom to the dining area “because he did not want any blood to get on the carpet,” cops said. At the time of his arrest, Vankirk reportedly had blood stains on his shoes.
After his arrest, investigators seized Vankirk’s phone. Cops found a photo of Parker lying lifeless on the dining room floor, on the phone.


Vankirk’s Facebook page features numerous selfies of him posing with beer cans and bottles

Vankirk had not been officially charged late Wednesday as Parker’s autopsy report was still pending. His Facebook page features numerous selfies of the alleged roommate killer posing with beer cans and bottles. In an eerie message posted Oct. 29, Vankirk shared an article titled “Website can tell you if anyone died in your home.”
“Looks like your home is now on this list,” one Facebook user commented on the ominous post.


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