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Missing SC woman, Kala Brown, found ‘chained like a dog’ in storage container. Registered sex offender Todd Kohlhepp arrested, might be a serial killer

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Kala Brown, 30, vanished without a trace in August with her boyfriend, reported missing on Aug. 31
She was found Thursday ‘chained like a dog’ in storage container in a Woodruff, South Carolina home
Brown’s boyfriend, Charlie Carver, 32, yet to be found
Todd Kohlhepp, 45, of Moore, South Carolina, was taken into custody, no charges have been filed
Registered sex offender Kohlhepp, owns the Woodruff property where authorities found Brown 
Brown told authorities as many as four other people might be there on the property, possibly dead and buried
Cops are working the angle of a possible serial killer in the community


Kala Brown1.png

Kala Brown, rescued from captivity “chained like a dog” inside a metal container on Todd Kohlhepp’s property


Kala Brown (left) and her boyfriend Charlie Carver were reported missing, August 31

A 30-year-old woman who wae reported missing two months ago, along with her boyfriend was found “chained like a dog” at a South Carolina home Thursday.  She reportedly had been held captive in a metal container after vanishing without a trace in.
Providence lent a hand in her rescue. Spartanburg County Sheriff’s deputies were searching the property in Woodruff on Thursday morning in relation to a tip about a sex crime, when they heard a loud banging from a metal storage container.
Kala Brown told police after she was rescued from captivity inside a metal storage container that she had been inside the container for two months and that there were as many as four other victims at the Woodruff property, possibly dead and buried.
Brown’s boyfriend, Charlie Carver, 32, has not been found. Both were reported missing on Aug. 31. Officials say Carver’s vehicle was found on Kohlhepp’s property during the search Thursday.

Charles Carver1.png

Charles Carver is still missing

According to local law enforcement the picture might be quite grim. “We’re trying to make sure we don’t have a serial killer on our hands,” Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright said. “It very possibly could be what we have.”
“We need your prayers for this lady,” Wright told The State.
“We have no intentions of leaving this property until we’re finished.”
After the couple disappeared without a trace, baffled family members saw a rash of social media posts suggesting the couple were okay. The posts included links to articles about their disappearance.
Several postings made on Charlie’s Facebook page state the couple is fine and simply left. All the postings only appeared after the couple was reported missing.
However, both Charlie and Kala’s families insisted his account must have been hacked. Family members said the photos the person was uploading, and claiming are recent, were actually posted more than a year ago. Joanne Shiflet, Charlie’s mother, told Dateline the wording didn’t sound anything like her son.
“It’s getting people thinking they are found, but they are not,” Joanne said.


Property owner and registered sex offender Todd Kohlhepp arrested over the kidnappings. Is he a serial killer?

“What color ribbon supports the cure for people who can’t keep their nose out of other people’s business?” said one of the mysterious Facebook posts on Carver’s page.
Todd Kohlhepp, 45, of Moore, South Carolina, was taken into custody on Thursday, no charges have been filed. He owns the Woodruff property where authorities found Brown. According the Sheriff, he will be charged with kidnapping. More charges are likely to follow.
In Arizona, Kohlhepp is a registered sex offender. He was convicted for a 1987 kidnapping at the age of 16, according to the county’s sex offender registry.
Brown was taken to a local hospital to be treated. Wright said she was “alive and well” but “obviously traumatized.”

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