Charlie Carver,disappeared with his girlfriend Kala Brown on Aug 31, his body  was found on Todd Kohlhepp’s farm

Last Thursday, Brown was rescued from a storage bin, where she had been chained, on a property owned by Todd Kohlhepp, a 45-year-old real estate agent. Kohlhepp, a registered sex offender who served 14 years for sex related crimes in Arizona,  has admitted he was behind an unsolved 13-year murder mystery  in which four people were shot and killed.  Kohlhepp is currently only charged with four counts of murder from the 2003 deaths, but he told Spartanburg authorities has a body count of seven people.
Upon her rescue, Brown alleged that Kohlhepp had abducted her and Carver and that she watched him fatally shoot Carver. During the time the couple was considered missing, mysterious Facebook messages appeared on Carver’s page along with an updated profile photo.Kala Brown and Charlie Carver.pngKala Brown and Charles Carver

Three bodies have been recovered so far. The remains of Charlie Carver was the first recovered from Kohlhepp’s farm in Woodruff, South Carolina.  The coroner released the identities of the 2 other bodies found on Charlie Carver, 32,disappeared with his girlfriend Kala Brown on Aug 31, and turned up one of the victims of suspected South Carolina Serial Killer, Todd Kohlheppthe property.  A couple from Spartanburg, 26-year Meagan Coxie, whose cause of death is likely a gunshot wound and her husband, Johnny Joe Coxie, 29, who was shot in the torso.
On Oct. 8, Nicole Carver is reported to have called AT&T, her husband’s phone carrier, claiming she was a detective hoping to geo-locate the phone and potentially her husband.
AT&T became alarmed when Carver was allegedly unable to provide the correct badge number, and quickly notified police.
“She [allegedly] didn’t know how to spell the detective [she was impersonating’s] name,” a police spokesperson said. “She got it wrong twice.”

todd-kohlhepp5Todd Kohlhepp has confessed to 7 kills

.Carver was allegedly kept on hold while AT&T called police and ascertained that she was not a police officer. Authorities were granted a search warrant for a copy of the recorded phone conversation, which helped identify Carver as the suspect, Aikens says.
On Wednesday morning, Carver appeared in court for a bond hearing. She is being held on $2,500 and is set to appear in court again on Dec. 16, Aikens says. She has not been appointed an attorney or entered a plea, Aikens says.