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Kansas monster, Marcas McGowan, sentenced to life without parole, for kidnapping and killing his girlfriend’s five-year-old daughter, after a lover’s quarrel

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Marcas McGowan, 32,  kidnapped his girlfriend’s five-year-old daughter, Cadence Harris, after a lover’s quarrel, in Kansas City, Kansas, back in July 2014 
The court heard he had terrorized Christina Harris, Cadence’s mother during a five-year relationship that was said to ‘often abusive’
Marcas McGowan, fleeing police after a domestic dispute in the home grabbed the little girl, cops  pursued him into Missouri before he crashed through a barricade near Leavenworth, Kansas
He shot at police during the high speed chase and ended up fatally shooting Cadence, who was  was found dead inside the car from a gunshot wound

He pled guilty to kidnapping resulting in death and to discharging a firearm during a crime of violence.
McGowan was sentenced to life in prison without parole, Tuesday for kidnapping, plus 10 years for illegally discharging the firearm
Marcas McGowan2.jpg
Marcas McGowan (pictured ) received a life sentence for kidnapping Cadence Harris, resulting in her death 

A Kansas man, Marcas McGowan’  has been sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping his girlfriend’s daughter and shooting the child to death during a 2014 police chase.
32-year-old McGowan, of Atchison declined to address the judge during his sentencing hearing on Tuesday in Kansas City, Kansas.
He had already entered a guilty plea for kidnapping resulting in death and to discharging a firearm during a crime of violence.

McGowan on July 18, 2014  abducted his girlfriends daughter after an arguement with her mother Christina Harris, at their home in Kansas, authorities said.

McGowan abducted Cadence Harris, also known as Cady, on July 18, 2014, after arguing with her mother Christina Harris at their home, authorities said.
During the domestic dispute, McGowan had threatened Harris with a gun and she called police, according to the Leavenworth Times.
In the high-speed police chase that followed the argument, McGowan fired at police while traveling at speeds of up to 95mph and fatally shot the girl.
Authorities pursued him into neighboring Missouri before he crashed through a construction barricade near Leavenworth, Kansas.
Officers shot him after he pointed a gun at them.
Cadence was found dead inside the car from a gunshot wound and McGowan was briefly hospitalized and has been held in jail since.

Cadence’s mother, Christina Harris, (centre) speaking to the media in July 2014 about her years of torture with the accused

cadence-harris2Forensic evidence revealed McGowan had shot the girl close range with a 9mm handgun while she was in the car, according to prosecutors.  Christina Harris, the victim’s mother, in previious statements had described her 5-year relationship wit McGowan as often abusive. After her boyfriend murdered her daughter, she told reporters she and McGowan had a toxic on-again, off-again relationship lasting over five years, quite often was abusive.
She said they got into an arguement on the day McGowan abducted Cadence and that he took the girl while she went to call the police. Cadence was not McGowan’s biological daughter but he had treated her as his child, Harris said at the time.


Victims’ mother, Christina Harris ‘ Not only did he kill my daughter, but he took my best friend.’ 

 In court on Tuesday, the court heard from Christina Harris and Cadence’s grandmother in emotional victim impact statements which described the girl as a child who loved to sing, draw and dance, according to The Kansas City Star.

Her mother’s statement said McGowan took away not only her only daughter but her best friend. She also told the court that McGowan had subjected her to years of abuse, fear and torture before the killing.
‘I’m a shell of a person,’ Christina Harris’ statement read in part. ‘I cannot put into words what has been taken from me. Not only did he kill my daughter, but he took my best friend.’ marcas-mcgowan5

 Marcas McGowan cose not to address the court as he received a life sentence without parole for kidnapping Cady Harris

McGowan has been sentenced to life without parole for the kidnapping charge and an additional 10 years for the firearms charge.
In passing sentence, Judge Robinson noted McGowan’s past history of criminal history: He had broken one person’s jaw, fired a shotgun at three others and threatened to kill Hristina Harry, the victim’s mother, the judge said.
McGowan  who declined the opportunity to address the court, stood and stared in silence at family members before being led out of the courtroom.



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