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Bronx woman’s revenge ends in lovers death – Kayla Moreno, set up Jose Hart to be burgled in revenge after he released their sex tape, botched heist ended in his death

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At the confluence of her anger and her greed, this poor misguided soul imagined that having won a $50,000 legal settlement, her lover’s mother will stash the check in a piggy bank under the kitchen sink, smh?

A young woman in the Bronx, NY, arranged for her lover to be burgled as revenge
19-year-old Jose Hart is thought to have shared a sex tape involving 20-year-old Kayla Moreno, a casual sex acquaintance, with his friends
After spending the night Moreno let in 3 men into the apt, with the promise of a $50G payout from a settlement Hart’s mother had just received
Hart was shot twice during the unsuccessful heist, and died
 Moreno has been charged with second-degree murder, first and second-degree robbery and criminal possession of a firearm

Kayla Moreno1.jpg

Kayla Moreno is accused of arranging a robbery at Hart’s home  in search of $50,000 payment, where he was shot by unidentified raiders who are still at large

A New York man died when his a casual sex acquaintance arranged for his apartment to be burgled after he shared a sex tape of theirs with his friends.
The woman angry that her friend had shared a sex tape of the two of them was arrested and charged with his murder after she enabled three men to ransack his apartment in search of a large legal payout received by his family member, then kill him, police said.
Jose Hart, 19, from the Bronx, New York, was shot twice during the botched robbery at his home.
Police reports say Kayla Moreno, 20, was hanging out with Jose Hart in his apartment early on Sunday morning and let a trio of robbers in just after 3 a.m. as she left.
The thieves came to Hart’s apartment searching for money from a $50,000 settlement his mother recently won from a lawsuit about a car accident, police said.
Hart reportedly, had been boasting about the settlement. His mother was not home, during the home invasion, the robbers did not find the money. However, Hart was shot multiple times in the torso during his confrontation with the masked robbers, police said.

Video shows the three men waiting outside the door of an apartment building.


Jose Hart3.jpg

Jose Hart, left, is believed to have shown a sex tape involving casual sex acquintance Kayla Moreno to his friends

Hart’s mother recently was awarded $50,000 from a car accident.
Prosecutors believe Moreno let three men into Hart’s apartment so they could search for the cash.However, during the raid, Hart was shot twice.
The NYPD has released CCTV footage of three of the suspects entering Hart’s building in the Bronx on Saturday morning. Jose Hart's mother found him dead in his Foxhurst home early Sunday1.jpg

Surveillance photo of three men wanted in the Jose hart killing2.jpg

Surveillance video of suspects connected to the Jose Hart shooting
He was unconscious and suffering from gunshot wounds when he was found by his mother on Sunday morning. Police arrested Moreno and charged her with second-degree murder, first and second-degree robbery and criminal possession of a firearm.

According to CBS 2, he was ‘unconscious and unresponsive.’
Moreno told police: ‘I was supposed to drink and smoke with Jose and let them in the door. It was just supposed to be a robbery.’
It is understood Moreno struggled with the gunman who shot him.


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