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Lucky tyke survives auto crash! Infant ejected from car found sitting up, ready for rescue in drainage grate

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8-month-old girl ejected from car and thrown 35 feet during auto crash, today, in Texarkana, Ark.
Her parents couldn’t find her after the accident and called rescue
Rescuers found the infant unharmed in drainage grate 30 feet from crash site
Firemen said “The baby at the time was actually sitting down in the grate, sitting up and looking up at us waiting for us to pull her out”
“There had to be some kind of divine intervention for her to end up being okay” – First responder


Eight-month-old Bryce Hale of Hope, Arkansas survived being ejected from a car last week in Texarkana. She landed in a storm drain 35 feet away from the crash site and miraculously survived without any major injuries 

An Arkansas 8-month-old infant thrown about 30 feet from her car during a crash was found completely unharmed three feet beneath a drainage grate.
Texarkana police say the infant’s parents could not find her after a road accident which caused the child to be ejected from the car.
Texarkana Firefighter Josh Moore had to say of their miraculous  rescue efforts, speaking with  WLOX:  “There had to be some kind of divine intervention for her to end up being okay,”  he said.


‘Teflon girl’ Bryce Hale cradled by grateful mum,  Jakesia Colson

When first responders arrived on the scene of the Friday night crash, the baby’s family informed them she had been flung from their car and that they could not find her. But with the help of a good Samaritan, who was already digging through a layer of hay over a drainage grate about 35 feet from the  roadway, firefighters were able to make the amazing rescue of the missing baby


The storm drain grate was 35 feet away from the crash site. Bryce sailed into the drain and sat there patiently waiting to be rescued 

“The baby at the time was actually sitting down in the grate, sitting up and looking up at us waiting for us to pull her out,” Moore said. “She wasn’t screaming, she wasn’t crying, she was just sitting there waiting for us. “We reached down there and she more or less had her hands up for someone to pick her up.”
To the huge relief of rescuers and family alike, an immediately evaluation by EMTs, found nothing more than a few scratches on the child’s forehead,  a rare but welcome surprise, Capt. Charlie Smith said.
“So many times we go out and things aren’t okay,” he explained to WLOX. “And just during the holidays here to have a positive just feels good.”the-babys-car-seat-was-found-outside-of-the-car

The 8-month-old girl was thrown  out of the car into a drainage gate. The car was clipped by a truck doing improper road maneuvers

Reaffirming the sentiments of the Captain, Josh Moore said: “Up until we heard her, I was just worried about it being more of a recovery rather than a rescue,” he said, “but once we heard her, it was just a sigh of relief.”
The child’s car seat, which was found outside the vehicle, was not properly installed, but there were no citations issued to the infant’s family, police said.
And the driver of an 18-wheeler who is believed to have clipped the car and ultimately causing the crash was ticketed for improper and unsafe lane change.
All five occupants of the car in the vehicle at the time of the crash were seriously injured ended up with minor, superficial injuries.



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