A mother murdered a three-year-old girl to death after finding out the toddler had been raped by her nine-year-old son. The South African woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was babysitting her friend’s young daughter Asanda Mbuku, when she discovered her 9-year-old son had raped the toddler she was watching.
To in order to ‘silence her’ and protect her own child, she hit the toddler with a heavy piece of rock, killing her, then dumped the body in her back garden, covering the body up with corrugated iron sheets, next to a banana tree, while bereaved family formed a rescue party and desperately searched for their child.The mother, her son and her daughter went to sleep that night with the body outside their bedroom window, while the family of Asanda Mbuku searched for the child throughout the night. Knowing her son had raped the child, the mother sent him to school the next day.
She even sent her son sent him to school the next day. The gruesome discovery of the body was only made after the son returned from school and called his aunt into the house. He then pointed through the window to the backyard towards where the body was covered with corrugated iron sheets.


Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, South Africa

The Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, heard the tragic tale on Wednesday when the woman entered a guilty plea for murder and an attempt to obstruct justice.
The 32-year-old woman in her court testimony told the court that she was looking after little Asanda as a favor to her parents when she found her half naked near the door. She then realized that her son had raped the toddler.
‘I realized she was not moving and sprinkled her with water to wake her, but she did not,’ she told the court, adding that she killed her out of fear that she would wake up and tell people what had happened.
‘I took a rock and I hit her on the head to kill her. I hid her at the back of my garden. I did all this because my son had raped her and I did not want anyone to find out. I burnt her jacket and shoes.
‘When her parents came to the house to fetch her, I said I did not know where she was.’
The rapist nine-year-old was sent to school the next day as usual, but he couldn’t keep what he had done a secret and confessed all to his aunt when he got home.
She pled guilty to one count of murder and another of attempting to obstruct justice.
The young rapist, now 11,  has been placed in protective custody,  his younger sister, as well.
The ‘killer’ mother was sentenced to an effective 11-year jail sentence for the killing.
During sentencing, Judge Tshifhiwa Maumela said it was a shame the defendant didn’t realize that under South African law, her son would not criminally liable and would not have been prosecuted, being  under the age of 10.