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Trial begins for Texas man, Michael Scott Quinn, accused of murdering his girlfriend’s ex, chopping off his legs and setting his remains on fire

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 Michael Scott Quinn, 53, battered Albert Guerra to death in his sleep, hitting over 20 times with a hammer at his home in San Antonio, Texas, in 2013
56-year-old Albert Guerra, had  just ended a relationship with Quinn’s girlfriend, Connie Yanez 
Quinn chopped off Guerra’s legs and tried to torch his remains
He had called his relatives for help when he couldn’t handle chopping up the victim’s body on his own
His brother turned him in to the authorities
Police have not determined if Quinn or girlfriend Yanez commited the murder,  both were arrested and charged with murder in the 2013 killing of Albert Guerra
Connie Yanez, 40, is awaiting trial

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Michael Scott Quinn murdered his lover’s ex, chopped up the body and set it alight
Unable to completely dismember the love rival he had just killed, all by himself, a Texas man called out for the help of a relative to complete his gruesome task. That relative turned him in to the cops.
The trial began yesterday for Michael Scott Quinn, 53, who murdered his girlfriend’s ex-lover. He battered Albert Guerra to death in his sleep, hitting him multiple times with a hammer in San Antonio, Texas, back in 2013.
56-year-old Guerra, a father of two who was separated from his wife had just ended a relationship with the assailant’s girlfriend. Connie Yanez, 40, told her new partner that Guerra struck her.
Having satisfied his rage Quinn chopped off his victim’s legs but found the going tough in dismembering the rest of the body. At which point he called his relatives for help. Michael Scott Quinn allegedly told his brother, “I don’t know what to do. I’m standing in a pool of blood,”the  Express-News newspaper reports.  He then decided it was best to torch the remains. His brother, an ordained minister, called police and informed them his brother just killed someone.
Quinn and girlfriend and Connie Yanez are both charged with murder in the 2013 San Antonio slaying of Albert Guerra. Prosecutors say that the murder took place after Yanez told Quinn that Guerra, 56, struck her.
When the cops got to the home, they met a gruesome picture of carnage and two bonfires.  when they put out the fires they found the remains of the victim under one of the fires  As Quinn’s trial starts this week, prosecutors warned jurors the case “is unlike anything you’ve ever seen”.
Guerra was believed to be sleeping when he was hit approximately 20 times with a hammer, prosecutor Jason Goss said. But the victim managed to grab a “handful” of hair, proven to be Quinn’s after DNA testing.
Quinn used a pair of Guerra’s saws to cut his legs off at the thigh. When he determined it would take too long to cut up the body, he decided to set it on fire.

Connie Yanez1.pngCops yet to say if they believe Connie Yanez [picture] or her current partner Michael Scott Quinn, killed her former boyfriend. Both are charged with murder

After a frantic Quinn called relatives, his brother, Eric Quinn, called the police to report his brother’s crime.
Eric Quinn testified his brother said: “He said he cut the man, he cut him up and had to get rid of the body,”
“He said, ‘He’s a big ol’ boy and it’s more than I can handle.'”
Adding that he refused his brother’s request for assistance with a plane or bus fare. At which point Michael Quinn threatened to set the house on fire and kill himself.
Describing the crime scene, San Antonio Fire Department arson investigator Justin Davis told the court he could not take his dog into the home out of concern for the dog’s health. Every step he took was in “frothy blood” he said, and he did not want to expose the dog to biohazardous material.
“I’ve never been at a scene where blood has been bubbling from the floor,” he told the jury.
He concluded, “These fires were set intentionally, no doubt,” Davis said, adding that the fires smoldered and never fully developed because too much accelerant was used.
Testimony is expected to continue today in the 437th District Court.
Jurors winced, shut their eyes and shook their heads  in disgust as they viewed crime scene photographs that showed Guerra in the living room on a plastic sheet, pieces of burned clothing and a singed pillow nearby, his legs severed from the rest of his body. A melted circular saw and the frayed handle of another saw, also burnt. Spattered blood could be seen on the walls that led from the bedroom to the living room.
The murder trial for woman at the center of the love triangle, Connie Yanez, is awaiting trial. Authorities have not said whether they believe it her or Quinn who committed the crime.



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