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Road rage killer cut loose! Joe McKnight’s killer, Ronald Gasser, released without charges — Cops say he’s not in the clear yet

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So far it appears  a volatile cocktail of or self-serving  indigation and road rage STOOD it’s ground against McKnight. Question is why cut the killer loose, no charges filed in a homicide case, all within 24 hours?
What good does Gasser’s release serve? By the way, why is it taking so long to get a search warrant for the victim’s  vehicle to establish the presence of a weapon or absence?

Ronald Gasser stood over former Jets running back, Joe McKnight, and executed vigilante justice, Thursday, in Terrytown, La
Gasser discharged his weapon into the the unarmed man arguing with him at an intersection
He shot while his victim was still  apologizing for whatever was the cause of their confrontation
The 54-year-old assailant, described as a loner, waited for the cops at the crime scene and calmly handed his weapon over
28-year-old McKnight, died from the gunshots, but  Gasser has been released without charges though autorities say he’s not in the clear yet
Seemingly unperturbed,Ronald Gasser leans against his blue Infiniti in in Terrytown, La., Thursday as paramedics treat his victim, Joe McKnight,  to the right
The man who fatally shot ex-Jets running back Joe McKnight in a road rage showdown was released from custody early Friday without being charged, authorities said.
Ronald Gasser, 54, was sprung after gunning down an unarmed McKnight in a New Orleans suburb Thursday afternoon — but he’s not in the clear yet, authorities said.
Investigators were slated to meet Friday with the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office to “discuss what, if any, charges will be brought against Mr. Gasser,” Col. John Fortunato, of the parish’s sheriff’s office, told the Daily News.
“There’s no timeline for when this has to be done,” Fortunato added. “We want to get it right.”
Authorities refused to offer details of the 2:43 p.m. shooting in Terrytown, but an unnamed witness provided a chilling account.
The driver of a blue Infiniti sedan was seen yelling at McKnight, who appeared to be apologizing, as they stood in the middle of a busy intersection.

victimjoe-mcknight5Former Jets running back Joe McKnight was shot, fatally, at a road intersection in New Orleans by Joe Gasser, Thursday

According to the woman who witnessed the confrontation between the two men at a busy intersection in Terrytown, La., Thursday, the driver of a blue Infiniti sedan was yelling at former running back, McKnight. The victim appeared to be apologizing, as they stood in the middle of a busy intersection. The man who was yelling , who was later identified as Ronald Gasser, then shot McKnight several times. The shooter then stood over the victim and said,“I told you not to f*** with me,” and fired a final shot, the witness said.
“The only thing we know right now, everything else is conjecture, is that Mr. Gasser did in fact shoot Mr. McKnight,” Sheriff Normand said.
Gasser remained at the scene and calmly handedhis weapon to responding officers. Gasser was taken into custody for questioning.but cops had not yet searched the cars and won’t until a search warrant is issued.
Also established was that 28-year-old McKnight, who was drafted by the Jets in 2010, was not carrying a weapons.The sheriff said McKnight did not have a gun, and deputies did not find a gun outside his vehicle.
A search of his car was on hold pending the issuing of a search warrant.
ADA Col. John Fortunato called on any witnesses to come forward. He said the decision to release Gasser was based in part on the suspect’s account of the fatal encounter.


Former high school star athlete and one time Jets running back Joe McKnight, was killed Thursday

“That’s why it’s important that we get independent witnesses to either support or refute what he claims,” Fortunato said.
Gasser’s release has not played well with the victim’s friends and family.“He’s the best guy, the most generous guy,” Gasser’s sister, Sharon Weileman told The Times-Picayune. “I have no idea what happened. I can’t even talk right now.”
“I’m speechless at the moment,” added Gasser’s daughter, Candice Gasser-Bua. “I’m still trying to wrap my head around what happened.”
His closes friend and former teammate with the Jets, Antonio Cromartie, expressing his frustration at the development said: “I don’t get it,” Cromartie tweeted. “How in hell do you release someone who killed my brother, my friend a father a son a brother without charging him. Bull Crap.”
“You tell [me] how can a man murder someone go get to sleep in his bed at night,” Cromartie added. ‘But my brother can’t. What the hell am I to tell my nephew.”
Gasser’s family said they couldn’t believe the telecommunications expert was capable of murder.

Joe McKnight receives treatment.png

Joe McKnight is treated to the right by paramedics at the scene
police-cordon-off-at-road-intersection-where-former-jets-running-back-joe-mcknight-was-killed-thursday3Police cordoned off the spot Joe McKnight lay  after he was slain by another road user  in New Orleans, La., Thursday

Gasser moved into his father’s single-story brick house in Gretna, La., about 15 years ago. Gasser has lived there alone since his dad’s death last year, neighbors said.
“He seemed to be a loner,” one local said.
“I never saw anyone else coming or going out of there.”


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