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14-year-old Pennsylvania boy, Jacob Remaley, kills mom, little brother, calls 911 to blame dad. Told operators: ‘Why didn’t he kill me?’

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14-year-old Jacob Remaley allegedly wondered aloud to operators why his dad whom heaccused of killing other family members did not kill him as well:  ‘Why didn’t he kill me [Jacob]?’

Wednesday morning,  Jacob grabbed his dad’s gun killed his mom and little brother then called 911 
14-year-old Jacob Remaley shot Dana Remaley, 46, and third-grader Caleb, 8, in their sleep at their New Stanton, PA home, Wednesday
 After the shooting Jacob tossed the gun in his own bed and called 911, told operators his dad shot both victims then planted the weapon in his bedroom 
He later confessed he would have shot his dad if he was home 
Charged as an adult and faces first-degree murder charges 

Jacob Remaley, a 14-year-old Pennsylvania boy fatally shot his mother and younger brother as they slept. He then dialled operators to report the incident and pin the double killing on his dad, police said.
Jacob faces first-degree murder charges for the Wednesday morning murders of 46-year-old Dana Remaley and third-grader Caleb Remaley, 8. Emergency crews found their bodies inside the family’s New Stanton home after the teen called 911, claiming his dad was behind the killings.
“Why didn’t he kill me? I need help,” the 14-year-old told the emergency operators, according to CBS Pittsburg.

Jacob Remaley  shot and killed his mom, Dana, and 8-year-old brother, Caleb [picture]

Police said Jacob Remaley attacked his mom and little brother after his dad left for work Wednesday morning. The teen grabbed his dad’s gun from on top of the kitchen fridge and went to his parents’ bedroom, where he shot his sleeping mother once in the forehead around 7 a.m.


Jacob Remaley  shot and killed his mom, Dana, and 8-year-old brother, Caleb [picture right]

Jacob Remaley then went to his brother’s room and shot him in the head, too, police said.
Tossing the gun in his own bed, he called 911 and told operators that his dad shot his mom and brother, then planted the weapon in the his [Jacob’s] bedroom.
Before police arrived at the family home, Jacob Remaley retrieved the gun from his bed and began walking around the neighborhood, police said. He chatted with a neighbor, who urged him to put the weapon down, and openly contemplated suicide, police records reports. The 14-year-old suspect eventually threw the gun into a neighborhood yard. When police interviewed him, he admitted he was behind the shootings — and had planned to kill all members of his family.

Ramaley Home in New Stanton PA.pngThe victims were found dead inside their New Stanton, Penn., home Wednesday morning

A motive has yet to be determined for the actions of the teen who allegedly told police he would have shot his father, too, had he been home., but police said Jacob did not get along with his parents. Raising the issue of motive, State Trooper Stephen Limani said.
“The only real conclusion we could draw from some of our investigation was that he had a difference with his parents – when it came to maybe not getting along with them that well,” Trooper Limani said.
“His brother, it’s very difficult to actually have an answer for why. I really don’t specifically have an answer for why. It doesn’t seem like there was any type of [tumultuous] relationship between he and his brother. If anything, it was actually fairly good for people that are six years apart as siblings,”  Limani concluded.


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