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Pennsylvania couple starved minor children placed in their care because ‘they did not want them anymore’

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Couple arrested in horrific case of parental abuse in Halifax, Pennsylvania – pair starved the children because ‘they did not want them anymore’
Joshua Weyant, 38,  and Brandi Weyant, 33, allegedly starved three children placed under their supervision, ages 6, 5 and 4, for months.
The children’s last meal was in September, and the children were not ‘rescued until Dec. 16’
Their house reportedly rampant with bed bugs, mold and lice
The juveniles are not the biological children of the Weyants
31-year-old Jess David was recovering from heroin addiction when she asked ex-boyfriend Josh Weyant for help looking after her two kids
The couped are being held in lieu of bail set at $1 million each
Facing charges of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and endangering the welfare of minor children
Halifax, Pa., couple Joshua Weyant 38, and Brandi Weyant, 33 allegedly starved three children placed under their supervision, ages 6, 5 and 4, for months. Investigators believe the juveniles’ last meal was in September, and the children would not be rescued until Dec. 16.
The couple were being investigated for child abuse case called in by a social worker, when startling details about the living conditions in which the kids who were placed in their care surfaced.
Their house reportedly rampant with bed bugs, mold and lice. Joshua and Brandi Weyant allegedly starved three children placed under their supervision, ages 6, 5 and 4, for months.
Their frail frames prominently showing their ribs and spine, they initially vomited back up liquid and solid food because of their poor health.
CBS 21 reported that police believe the Weyants intentionally starved their wards because “they did not want them anymore.”
The three children were removed from the home after being found emaciated and locked in their bedroom for three months, according to Pennsylvania State Police.jess-david1

Jess David [photo top] was battling a heroin addiction four years ago,  when she asked an ex-boyfriend  Joshua Weyant [photo below ] to take care of her three children. She now says “I failed them in every possible way”
Joshua Weyant1.png
Joshua Weyant  justified locking the children up in joyless rooms saying “They would get out a lot and destroy everything.”

It is reported that the children also endured physical abuse in addition to the severe malnutrition. They recount  getting punched in the face so hard a tooth got knocked out and getting locked inside a toyless room with no heat source at night, where the kids resorted to urinating on themselves and on the floor. Queried about the inhumane treatment, Joshua Weyant would justify the nightly imprisonment by saying, “They would get out a lot and destroy everything.”
When the children were finally brought out of the home by authorities, their core body temperatures hovered around 94 degrees, with medical officials stating they showed signs of hypothermia and weak heart rates.

Brandi Weyant1.png
Brandi Weyant and her husband Joshua, were arrested for allegedly imprisoning, beating and starving their three kids placed in their care, since September until earlier this month.Joshua and Brandi Weyant apparently fed their pets but not their children, a prosecutor said.
The house of horrors, Police would say the children, ages 6, 5 and 4, smelled like “caged animals..jpgThe Weyant home was not fit habitation. Police say the children, ages 6, 5 and 4, smelled like “caged animals” when they were rescued

It is believed that none of the victims are biological children of the couples’, although two of them legally, are Joshua Weyants children. The children came into their lives when their biological mother, Jess David, needed someone to watch them as she battled a heroin addiction.
David, 31, said she allowed the Weyants to care for her children temporarily as she underwent treatment for heroin addiction about four years ago, and they later took long term custody against her will.
The distraught and emotional mother blamed the alleged abuse of her children on her decision to use drugs rather than make sure her children were being well cared for. “I failed them in every possible way,” she said.
David said she was pregnant with one of the children, a boy, when she became involved in a relationship with Josh Weyant about six years ago. Although Weyant wasn’t the biological father, he signed the boy’s birth certificate, thereby becoming a legal parent, according to David.
David said she and Weyant broke up for a while and she began another relationship, becoming pregnant with a girl, now four. David and Weyant got back together, and he again signed the birth certificate, she said.
About four years ago, David said, she went into treatment for heroin addiction. At that point, Brandi and Josh Weyant offered to take custody of the boy and girl, as well as a third, older child of David’s, until she recovered from her addiction, she said. Inside the Weyant home3.jpg

The Halifax children’s ‘starvation house’ – complete with lice, mold and bed bugs

Court papers on file in Dauphin County, obtained by  pennlive detail legal tussel between Jess David and Josh Weyant. These include an early 2013 document in which Weyant sought sole custody of the three children.

Another document filed four months later, shows jess David asking the court to allow her children live with her.
In the document she wrote:”My children are living in a house with 8 kids and 2 adults. I have not been able to have any contact or visits with my children since Feb. 5, 2013.” Inside the Weyant home2.jpg

A peep inside the human pigsty, the Weyants inhabited with the children. Courtesy pennlive

When the children arrived at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, two of them were “approaching a dangerous and life-threatening condition.”

On Tuesday, David said she has wanted them back for several years, but had been unable to track them down, and didn’t know they were living in Halifax Township until a friend told her of the arrest of the Weyants.
“My kids could have died and I wouldn’t have known,” she said on Tuesday. She said her goal is to regain custody of the children. However, she said she had been unable to reach child protection officials in Dauphin County, and the hospital was unable to give her information about their conditions because of privacy laws.
David said she works full time in a pizza restaurant. She had another boy in 2014, has custody of the boy and is engaged to his father, she said. She said she relapsed in 2015, but has been clean and sober since March.
Authorities said they believe the Weyants stopped feeding and caring for the children in September. They said the children were caked in filth and feces when they arrived on Dec. 16 following a tip.


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