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Jack Williams and Kayleigh Woods are accused of murdering Bethany Hill for a “sadistic” thrill

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20-year-old Bethany Hill was tied up, her throat slit by her roommate and his transgender lover, for kicks
Jack Williams, 21, who once dated Hill, and trans Kayleigh Woods, 23, allegedly murdered Hill for a “sadistic” thrill and “perverted pleasure”
The victim’s body was found covered in her own blood in the bathroom of the apt in she shared with Woods in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, UK  in Feb 2016 
Post-mortem revealed Beth Hill died from a “deep cut that severed the jugular vein. Blood had poured out from that vein and that’s what killed her”
Prosecution said “The relationship between Beth Hill and [her roommate] Kayleigh Woods was complicated and volatile”
By the time she died “The two of them were planning that Beth [Hill} would have a child fathered by Kayleigh Woods”


Transgender Kayleigh Woods and her boyfriend Jack Williams [right] have been accused of murdering Bethany Hill his roommate and one time girlfriend, for a “sadistic” thrill 

A YOUNG woman was stabbed to death and had her throat slit by her roommate and her boyfriend for “perverted pleasure” a court has heard.
Transgender Kayleigh Woods, 23, and her lover Jack Williams, 21, have been accused of binding Bethany Hill’s wrists with duct tape before slashing her throat, like livestock, for a “sadistic” thrill in the bathroom of their apartment in Stratford-upon-Avon in February last year.


Bethany Hill: was found ‘Bound and slaughtered’


Warwick Crown Court heard Miss Hill had been tied up with duct tape and had repeated cuts inflicted to the back of her neck before she bled out when her jugular vein was cut.
At the time of her death Bethany was sharing an apartment with her ex-partner Jack Williams and his transgender girlfriend, Kayleigh Woods.
The couple are accused of killing Bethany between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. before trying to cover their tracks by saying she had committed suicide by drinking bleach.
The prosecutor Stephen Linehan, told the jury the “sadistic killing” may have been carried out for “perverted pleasure”.
He said:”These defendants have never told the truth. Each of them has spun a web of lies in order to conceal the truth,” Linehan said.
“But the evidence does show that the murder was not done quickly.
“In the course of the killing Beth’s wrists were bound together with duck tape and a blade was used to inflict repeated cuts across the back of her neck before she was killed by her jugular vein being cut trough so she bled to death in that bathroom.”
The court heard Woods, born Kyle Lockwood, had met Hill at college in Stratford and they became best friends.

Artist impression of Williams and Woods1.jpg

Artist impression of Jack Williams [left] and Kaylrigh Woods [right] sitting flanking an officer in  Court

Woods was then introduced to dad-of-one Williams and had a sexual relationship with him, despite still having male genitals..
. At the time of  Hill’s death, she was sleeping in the bedroom of their shared apartment while Woods and Williams slept in the living room in a strange arrangement, complicated by their past history, with Bethany previously having a “brief relationship” with Williams while they were teenagers
Linehan told the court at one stage before her death Bethany was also planning to get pregnant with a baby fathered by Woods.
He added: “The relationship between Beth and Kayleigh Woods was not a simple one, in fact it appears to have been complicated and volatile.
“The two of them were planning that Beth would have a child fathered by Kayleigh Woods.
“They spent a great deal of time agonising about how difficult they thought their lives were.”
“Their relationship was volatile and unstable”.


Police activity in Stratford-upon-Avon, around the apt shared by Bethany Hill and Kayleigh Woods1  body was found.png

Police activity around the apartment Hill shared with Woods. Her dead body was found in the bathroom of the apt.

The court heard after pair murdered their roommate, Woods tried to cover up the crime by claiming she had committed suicide at their apartment.
The prosecution said she waited over 12 hours after Bethany Hill had been killed, before calling emergency services
Police officers and paramedics rushed to the flat and found Hill’s body, which was already in rigor mortis, covered in her own blood in the bathroom.
According to the prosecutor “Jack Williams had come back to the [apt] 18 hours before that [911] call was made and between the time he came back and somewhere before 6 a.m they carried out the attack.
“By the time Kayleigh Woods telephoned [emergency services] and told the lie about Beth Hill killing herself, Beth had been lying dead in the flat for over 12 hours. ”
“From the moment they murdered Beth in that flat the two of them have set about trying to cover up the death.
“These efforts started immediately after her death and have continued up until today and they will continue during this trial.” Williams and Woods both deny murder charges.
The court also heard how police found a Barbie doll belonging to Woods which had been wrapped in duct tape and its hair had been dyed to match Miss Hill’s.
Linehan told the court: “Somebody was fantasizing about binding a woman with tape. Whoever it was who created that fetish doll was thinking about Beth.
The trial continues.

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