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New York blue blood, Patrick Allen, shot in the woods by cops on Staten Island – “heavy ballistic vest” may have saved his life

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Allen and  Jonathan Derbyshire, 24, took a cache of firearms and drugs into a wooded area of Charleston on Staten Island for target practice around 1:10 a.m. , local residents called 911
Allen from a wealthy property owning New York family, comes from a line of successful bankers, law enforcement and politicians,  he is also the great-grandson of late New York Post owner Dorothy “Dolly” Schiff, 
With both parents prosecutors, 24-year-old Allen turned to a life of crime, he  is suspected of regularly buying marijuana in Colorado and shipping it back to New York for resale
He has compiled a record of eight sealed arrests for crimes including drug peddling
His dad, former Brooklyn prosecutor Gerald Allen, told cops he “basically washed his hands” of Patrick years ago
The senior Allen now a criminal defense lawyer said heno longer wants anything to do with his son
Patrick Allen2.jpg
Injured Patrick Allen, being helped by police

The man injured during a shootout with cops in the woods on Staten Island, Thursday is the 24-year-old grandson of an influential New York family. Patrick Allen comes from an illustrious dynasty filled with bankers, politicians, publishers and a federal judge.
His great-grandmother is the legendary New York newspaper publishers, longtime New York Post owner Dorothy “Dolly” Schiff. Patrick born with a silver spoon however, has charted a different course in life, choosing the streets over home.
The current brush with the law is playing out like many of the old tracks in his life.
On Thursday, Patrick Allen and Jonathan Derbyshire, both 24, reportedly were hanging out at a home when they decided to get some target practice around 1 a.m., Thursday. The two men took some weapons, including an AR-15 and a 9-millimeter Glock 26, and headed into the woods cops said. The sound of shots popping woke up residents in the normally quiet neighborhood. Some of them called cops, who went on alert.
“Shots fired!” an officer is heard yelling at the beginning of the four-minute transmission, in which he repeatedly transmits the 10-13 code for officer in assistance.

Police avtivity at the Staten Island shootout1.jpgPolice activity at the scene on Thursday night

According to the police report , when responding officers arrived, Derbyshire escaped through the trees as Allen wheeled around and pointed a 9mm Glock 26 pistol at officers.
Cops opened fire, hitting Allen three times in the left leg and once in the left arm, cops said. When he was being treated later, copsr discovered he was wearing a military grade “ballistic vest” that may have stopped another round.
During the massive manhunt for Derbyshire, police recovered an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and a hunting knife in the woods that cops believe were ditched by the suspect as he fled.

Gun recovered at the scene of the 'Partrick Allen shooting'.jpgThe red-painted Glock  hand gun recovered from Allen after his capture
AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, allegedly dropped by Jonathan Drbyshire.pngThe AR-15 rifle Derbyshire allegedly dropped trying to elude capture 

Police captured Jonathan Derbyshire, hours after the incident, he is being held in custody.
According to the NewYorkpost Allen, who has eight sealed arrests for crimes including drug peddling, is suspected of regularly buying weed in Colorado and shipping it back to New York for resale, according to sources.
His life of crime is a stunning turn for a family filled with vast wealth and hard-nosed law enforcement. Patrick Allen’s father, former Brooklyn prosecutor-turned-criminal defense lawyer Gerald Allen, told cops he “basically washed his hands” of Patrick years ago and no longer wants anything to do with him, one source said.

Heavy ballistic jacket worn by Patrick Allen.jpgPatrickAllen was wearing a military grade ballistic jacket during the shootout, which did stop a shot

On her part Tess Leopold, who works as top lawyer for the Beazley insurance company in Farmington, Conn., has declined tmaking comments about her son’s latest indiscretions.
The rest of Patrick Allen’s lineage is no less impressive. The New York Post reports that his mom, Tess Leopold, is also a former Brooklyn prosecutor and his maternal grandmother, Adele Hall Sweet, is married to Manhattan federal Judge Robert Sweet.
His paternal grandfather, A. Frederic Leopold, was a mayor of Beverly Hills, and his great-grandmother was Post publisher Schiff, whose own grandfather was legendary financier Jacob Schiff.
Others speculate as to the forces driving the kid born with a silver spoon to a life of wasting and crime. “His mom owns half of Times Square,” said a building super who knows Allen’s dad, however a source close to the family said, “The Patrick I know is a fun, misunderstood trust-fund kid. He was not raised in a stable environment.”

Jonathan Derbyshire 3.jpgJonathan Derbyshire [shown in custody] fled the scene but was captured a few hours later
Jonathan Derbyshire is captured by police2.jpg
Jonathan Derbyshire [center]  is taken away by cops

Following Allen’s shooting, cops seized a red-painted Glock he allegedly was carrying and then looked for Derbyshire.
In the woods, they found an AR-15-style assault rifle outfitted with a scope and sniper’s bipod, a .38 Smith & Wesson revolver, a .45-caliber pistol, a large hunting knife, some prescription pills and several spent shell casings.
Derbyshire, 24, who was a quarterback at Monsignor Farrell High School and Tottenville High School, also has had run ins with the law, in his past.
He was charged with burglary in 2008, while he was a junior at Farrell High School after allegedly breaking into a  home. He was again charged in 2011 with operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol, police said.
Derbyshire, who cops believe tried to hide the stash, was busted around dawn on Thursday.
Allen was treated at Staten Island University Hospital North before being released into police custody, and charges were pending against both men, cops said.


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