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Ex-con Henry Pacheco, suspected of strangling Brooke Garcia with a scarf, now charged with breaking jaw of his pregnant girlfriend

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Ex-con Henry Pacheco, suspected of strangling East Village woman 27-year-old Brooke Garcia, with scarf
She was found dead in her apt by a friend on Tuesday
Pacheco, 36, has been charged with breaking the jaw of another girlfriend who is pregnant
He allegedly punched the 38-year-old woman in her home after she accused him of theft
Pacheco, was also once considered a person of interest in the 2012 killing of a transgender woman, Lorena Xtravaganza, in her Brooklyn home
Career criminal Pacheco has 26 priors, served time for attempted burglary, released from prison in May
Henry Pacheco allegedly punched his 38-year-old girlfriend, who is six months pregnant, in the face and stomped her in her apartment.
Pacheco’s string of violence against women began to unfold in A blood trail in an East Village public housing building ,at about 1:45 p.m. Wednesday, when a friend of Brooke Garcia’s checked in on her only to make the grim discovery. She found 27–year-old Garcia dead in her bed, covered in a blanket with a scarf wrapped around her neck, police sources said.
Garcia’s pal found the door open, went inside and spotted blood on the floor, sources said. She followed the blood trail to a bedroom, where she found Garcia’s body and called 911.

Brooke Garcia was found dead  by a friend inside the Lillian Wald Houses in the East Village, NY on Wednesday

The new caharge on Pacheo stems from an attack on the pregnant 38-year-old woman on New Year’s Eve. The assault reportedly, was sparked by an argument over Pacheco stealing money from the victim  and her 7-year-old son’s PlayStation coming up missing.
After being grilled by detectives at the Ninth Precinct station house, Pacheco was admitted to the psychiatric ward at Bellevue Hospital for observation, sources said.
Cops hope to determine his role, if any, in the Wednesday slaying ofanother girlfriend of his, 27-year-old Brooke Garcia,
A friend found Garcia dead in the victim’s aunt’s ninth-floor apartment at the Lillian Wald Houses on Ave. D near E. Houston St. about 1:45 p.m. Wednesday.
The friend followed a trail of blood drops from the door to a bedroom where Garcia’s body was lying on a bed and covered in a sheet — with a scarf wrapped tightly around her neck, cops said. Her feet were sticking out and her lips were blue.
A city Medical Examiner autopsy determined Friday she was strangled. Her death was ruled a homicide.
Surveillance footage shows Pacheco and Garcia entering the building and Pacheco leaving alone, sources said. Records also indicated Pacheco had used the dead woman’s cell phone Tuesday night, sources said.
The single mom of a 4-year-old daughter was staying at the apartment on and off while trying to get back on her feet after losing her job as a delivery person, relatives said.

 Lorena Xtravaganza2.jpg
Henry Pacheco was considered a person of interest in the 2012 murder of a transgender woman  [photo]

Pacheco, 36, was also once considered a person of interest in the 2012 murder of a transgender woman in her Brooklyn home. Transgender performer Lorena Escalera, known by the stage name Lorena Xtravaganza, was strangled in her Bushwick apartment. The killer torched the place and fled, officials said.
Escalera’s death was ruled a homicide but authorities have yet to make an arrest. It’s still an open investigation, a law enforcement source said.
Investigators are taking a new look at the case in an effort to link Pacheco to her murder, sources said.
On the day, Garcia had exchanged text messages and phone calls with Escalera and was seen on video entering and leaving the building.
One of Escalera’s former boyfriends, Firefighter Taylor Murphy, was investigated for her death by detectives and cleared of suspicion.
Pacheco, whose rap sheet includes 26 prior arrests, did time for attempted burglary before his release from prison in May. His most recent arrest came five months later for petty larceny


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