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79-year-old Jacques Lesage, charged with sexually assaulting three of his daughters over a 30-year-old period in Quebec

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Stupid excuse! Quebec man facing incest and sexual assault charges claims it’s because his wife cheated  and had her for a lover 

Paedophile father-of-eight charged with sexually assaulting three of his daughters over a 30-year-old period,between 1971 and 2004.
Jacques Lesage, 79, of Quebec, Canada proven to have fathered two children with one of them
Lesage, in court accused of three counts incest, two counts sexual assault, one count of indecent assault
Allegedly raped Lucie Lesage, now 53, from 1971 to 2004 and getting her pregnant three times 
Suspected of sexually assaulting two other daughters Chantal Knippenberg, 45, and Nathalie Lesage, 49
 Lesage sisters in court under real name, told judge they wished to be named so their father could be exposed 
He admitted molesting, Lucie, but claimed he believed she was the product of his wife’s affair with another man  but denied ever touching the other two defendants  
Says he too,  suffered rape and sodomy as a child in a Catholic orphanage 
Jacques Lesage is accused of sexually assaulting his three daughters between 1971 and 2004, and rathering three kids with one of the victims

In a disturbing case of incest and extreme paedophilia, a court in Quebec, Canada this week was told how a serial domestic abuser would break his daughters out of school during the school day and feed them spiked juice, before having sex with them. lesage allegely, would start grooming the girls as early as early as age 5 and continuing the assault for decades. The pervert dad allegedly plied his children with orange juice spiked with alcohol to get them to relax before the sexual assaults, which took place at the family’s home, in the car, in various motels and his office.
He is accused of sexually assaulting Lucie Lesage, now 53, Chantal Knippenberg, 45 and 49-year-old Nathalie Lesage in a period spanning 1971 to 2004

Jacques Lesage who has been described by prosecutors as ‘manipulative and intimidating’, abused one of the girls, Lucie, for a period of 32 years and wound up getting her pregnant three times and fathering 2 of her kids.
Earlier in the pre-trial process, prosecutors said the local businessman would pick up his daughters from school at lunchtime, and again at the end of the day, for the purpose of having sex with them. In 2014, Lucie Lesage went to the authorities accusing her father of rape and incest. Her two sisters later filed a suit agaimst their dada for similar assaults, claiming that they too had He was arresedt in November of that year.

Lucie Lesage, painted a picture last week of more than 30 years of sexual abuse and being terrorized by her dad

Jacques Lesage, a local businessman and father-of-eight, has been charged with three counts of incest, two counts of sexual assault and one count of indecent assault.
Lesage is accused of sexually assaulting his three daughters between 1971 and 2004, and even having multiple children with one of the victims, who is now a middle-aged woman, reported
He was arrested in 2014 after that daughter finally went to the police, followed by her two younger sisters.
On Friday, the defendant admitted abusing one of the women but denied the other allegations against him. Testifying in his own defense, the man accused of physically damaging his own daughters told the court how his own childhood was marred by physical and sexual abuse. The emotion laden testimony recounted how as a boy growing up with 14 siblings, he initially lived with one of his sisters, then moving in with his violent father.
Finally he was sent to a Catholic orphanage in Montreal where he was raped and sodomized by the male staff, Jacques Lesage told the court

Nathalie Lesage1.jpg
Nathalie Lesage,said she left home at 16 to escape being terrorized by her father, who repeatedly sexually assaulted her 

The three Lesage sisters told the court in Quebec they wished to waive their rights to annonymity so that the name of their father could be made public as well.
According to prosecutors, one of Lesage’s daughters, Lucie,who is now 53 years old, was raped by her father over a period of 32 years, beginning when she was just eight years old. The assaults seized after she turned 40. Lesage allegedly impregnated  Lucie for the first time when she was 13 years old and she had three children by her own father.
Under cross examination on Friday, the defendant admitted that he sexually abused Lucie, whom he described from the stand as a ‘good woman,’ and said he regretted it.
He claimed that at the time of the incestous sexual eassaults, he believed Lucie was the product of his wife’s affair with another man. He further claimed that he did not think her repeated pregnancies were consequences of his assaults at home.
DNA tests subsequently confirmed that Jacques Lesage was the biological father of two of Lucie Lesage’s three children.
Lesage vehemently denied allegations of assault by his other two daughters, Chantal Knippenberg and Nathalie Lesage. He ever touching teither woman and insisted that he had never been alone with them.

During her testimony on Tuesday and Wednesday, last week, 53-year-old Lucie Lesage tearfully recounted in French how she spent her life fearing her father, whom she characterised as verbally and physically abusive: ‘All I’ve known is sexual abuse,’  adding that the trauma left her with such low self-esteem that she felt incapable of pursuing a career in her field of study, which was special education, or trying to build a romantic relationship with someone.
Lucie’s half-sister, Chantal Knippenberg, 45, who claimed that Jacques Lesage bagan sexually abusing her at age 7, and that the assaults stopped when she was 15 or 16 years old said: ‘He ruined my childhood,’ then turned to face her dad in court , told she loved him, but maintained that what he did to her was wrong.
On Thursday, the third litigant, Nathalie Lesage told the jury through sobs how her father molested her for the first time when she was just five years old and raped her at age eight. Now 49, she claims that her father warned her that his acquaintances at the police department would never believe her if she ever decided to come forward about the assaults.
After a decade spent in a state of trepidation and panic, Nathalie said she left her family’s home at age 16 and moved in with one of her siblings after confronting Jacques and threatening to shoot him if he ever touched her again, she said.
Nathalie Lesage also explained she stayed silent about the sex attack until her sister Lucie came forward in 2014 both because she feared her father, and also because she felt ashamed,  something she said she still feels guilty about.
At his initial court appearance in 2015, Crown lawyer Gaston Langevin described Lesage as manipulative and intimidating.
The prosecutor told the court at the defendant warned his family that he had police officers, judges and politicians in his pocket, and while in custody, he violated a non-contact order to try and deter his daughters from testifying against him with threats.
Closing arguments in the case are set to be presented by the prosecution and the defense on Tuesday.


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