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‘Child stealer’ Gloria Williams was always aware of her crime – The victim, Kamiyah Mobley found out she’d been kidnapped at birth, nearly two years ago

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Kamiyah Mobley knew she’d been kidnapped at birth nearly two years ago 
18-year-old Kamiyah discovered her true identity two years ago when she applied for a job
Alleged child abductor Gloria Williams, 51, appeared in Duval County court, Wednesday on charges of kidnapping and interference with custody
She and is being held without bond kamiyah-mobley5Kamiyah Mobley (c.), who was abducted at birth, speaks to CBS about her mixed feelings on finding  out the truth about her birth and upbringing
An arrest warrant for alleged ‘Child abductor’ Gloria Williams, 51, filed in the mobley child kidnap case Wednesday says the 18-year-old told a friend a year and a half ago that she was the baby stolen from University Medical Center in July 1998.
Kamiyah Mobley knew she was abducted from a Jacksonville hospital as an infant nearly two years before she heard the news from law enforcement officials, according to court documents.
The arrest affidavit state that hours after Mobley was born, Williams, dressed in a nurse outfit, allegedly took the baby girl from her mother and disappeared to her home in South Carolina where she renamed the infant Alexis Manigo and raised her for 18 years. In spite of massive search efforts and an influx of anonymous tips, the baby was never found.

At Last: Shanara Mobley [left] and teen’s dad Craig Aiken meet their daughter Kamiyah Mobley [center]

Mobley who was just eight hours old before Williams allegedly, posing as a nurse stole her from Jacksonville’s University Medical Center on July 10, 1998, discovered her true identity two years ago when she applied for a job, according to a friend.
Mobley repeatedly asked Gloria Williams, for her birth certificate and social security information after she was hired at a restaurant.
“Lexy kept being hard on her mother, like ‘Momma, where is my stuff? I want to get this job.’ Then Miss Gloria just broke down and told her this is why right here, you can’t do this. I kidnapped you,”Mobley’s friend Arika Williams told People

baby-kamiyah-mobley-and-child-thief-gloria-williams1anonymous phone tips let to Gloria Williams [right], DNA tests confirmed Mobley was the missing baby and Williams her ‘surrogate mother’ was arrested on a kidnapping charge

according to the arrest warrant, among the thousands of tips fielded by police, was one from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received by the officers in August, shortly after Mobley’s confession to her friend.
A second tip came in November from a man who said Williams admitted to him that she stole the baby from the Jacksonville hospital and raised her as her daughter.
Following up in January, investigators conducted a record search at the teen’s Walterboro high school and found her birth certificate and Social Security card were both fraudulent. According to court documents the Social Security number on the card belonged to a man from Virginia who died in 1983.

gloria-williamsl-leaves-the-courtroom-wednesday1Justice: The suspect, Gloria Williams made her first court appearance Wednesday

“I never had any ID or a driver’s license, but other than that, everything was totally normal,” Mobley told the New York Times, adding she did struggle to get a job at Shoney’s a few months ago when she didn’t have the credentials required to get the job.
DNA tests taken last week confirmed Mobley was the missing baby and Williams was arrested on a kidnapping charge.
Although Kamiyah Mobley was recently reunited with her biological mother Shanara Mobley and dad Craig Aiken for the first time, has repeatedly defended the woman she thought to be her mother in the days immediately after her arrest.

kamiyah-mobley-who-was-raised-as-alexis-kelli-manigo-alongside-gloria-williams2Alleged child abductor, Gloria Williams [right] seen posing for this mother – daughter selfie with Kamiyah Mobley was arrested and charged with kidnapping and interfering with custody
shanara-mobley-is-reunited-with-her-daughter-kamiyah-mobley-who-was-abducted-at-birth-18-years-laterMother – Daughter Reunion;  Shanara Mobley is finally reunited with her daughter, 18 years later

“I still feel the same about her. There’s nothing different,” she said. “My feelings toward my mother will never change. I’ll probably cry more than I have in the past definitely, but it’s nothing we can stop. I’m just gonna take it and keep going.”
Mobley told CBS 47 she’s still working on processing everything.
“You can call me Alexis, call me Alexis,” she said. “If you call me Kamiyah, I’m still going to answer.”
Williams made her first appearance in Duval County court on Wednesday and is being held without bond for kidnapping and interference with custody charges.




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