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California grandma Cynthia Cdebaca, charged with shooting son-in-law, showed no remorse: She’s caught on tape celebrating his death – video shown at trial

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66-year-old California woman has shown no remorse in killing son-in-law, celebrated his death in video shown at trial, Thursday
Cdebaca, then 63, admitted shooting her victim, 53-year-old Geoward Flores Eustaquio, 15 times, some of it through a closed door as her victim pled for his life in his Vista, Calif. home, in Feb 2014 
The grandmother who stopped twice to reload, admitted firing  15 times,  said she kept firing until her gun was empty
After shooting her victim she grabbed breakfast at a Denny’s restaurant, gambled at a casino and stopped at her favorite coffee shop
In the video  Cdebaca is heard asking her youngest granddaughter for a hug.
“No, you killed my dad,” the little girl replies
Cynthia Cdebaca is on trial charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Eustaquio

Video of the jubilant defendant was shown in court
California grandmother Cynthia Kaye does not regret shooting and killing her daughter’s husband, Geoward Eustaquio. As a matter of fact she really enjoyed it.In a disturbing video played during her trial Thursday, the sexagenarian said she would kill him again and then celebrated his death by throwing her hands in the air and shouting “good.”
Prosecutors told jurors during the trial that Cdebaca was guilty of the February 2014 murder, which was sparked by an argument.
Unimpressed: A bored Cynthia Cdebaca listens to the ME describing the victim’s injuries in court
The victim Geoward Flores Eustaquio, is seen on the right [photo]

Cdebeca, 66, explained that she went to her car multiple times for more ammunition, to reload her five-shot revolver, after she began shooting her son-in-law.
The defendant’s statement was heard in more than an hour of recorded interviews with sheriff’s detectives that was played during a preliminary hearing yesterday.
Cdebaca has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of her son-in-law, Geoward Eustaquio, 53. He was found on the kitchen floor in his home at 602 Braemar Terrace, regarded as an upscale gated community
According to Cdebaca, Eustaquio refused to let her go to her granddaughter’s spelling bee because he didn’t like what she was wearing. She told authorities in the video that Eustaquio told her she looked “ghetto.”

Cdebaca shot her son-in-law at his Fallbrook home..jpgCdebaca allegedly murdered Geoward Eustaquio whose body was found in the kitchen of his Fallbrook home in Vista, Calif. 

Deputy District Attorney Tracy Prior  said Cdebaca – who fired at Eustaquio at least 15 times, stopping twice to reload – told police her son-in-law made a comment about her clothing just before the shooting.
After the remark, Cdebaca walked upstairs, grabbed a gun and opened fire on Eustaquio. She fired 10 rounds at him from outside the house and five rounds inside, the prosecutor said, making sure he was dead.
“She shot five more rounds at her son-in-law. She recognized that he’s still not dead. So, she went back a second time to her car, unloaded the five casings, reloaded five casings and walked back,” Prior explained.
“He was trying to lock the door behind him and get some help. She then took the gun and fired one shot through the door toward the deceased, her son-in-law, who was lying there at that point. She was able to get inside the residence and as he bled on the floor, she stood over him and shot four more shots,” she continued.

tape-shows-grandma-cdebaca-had-no-remorse-for-killing-her-son-in-law2Then 63-year-old Cdebaca throws up her hands in celebration after finding out she had succeeded in murdering Eustaquio

“I shot him 10 times then he went inside the house and locked the door,” she is heard saying in the video.
The outlet reported that Cdebaca stopped shooting twice so she could reload her gun. She then started firing shots through the door as Eustaquio pleaded with her to spare his life.
But his pleas fell on deaf ears and Cdebaca entered the home continuing to shoot her son-in-law. She confessed to shooting him 15 times, and said she kept firing until her gun was empty.
At one point in the video, Cdebaca told authorities that Eustaquio was mean to her and her family and she couldn’t take the abuse anymore.

Cynthia Cdebaca4.jpgCynthia Cdebaca showed no remorse in killing her son-in-law. She claims her son-in-law described her as “Ghetto”

“So mean to me, to all of them,” she said. “They were afraid of him, yes. So mean to my daughter. I told her 13 years ago, he’s evil.”
As Cdebaca’s family members came in to say their goodbyes to her, she appeared to show no remorse for what she had done. When asked if she would kill him again, Cdebaca simply said “yes.”
Towards the end of the disturbing footage, Cdebaca threw her hands in the air and shouted: “Oh good, good, good, good, good. Oh thank you, thank you.”
Although the grandma claims she killed her son-in-law because he was mean to her and for the good of her daughter and grandchildren, in the video, Cdebaca is heard asking her youngest granddaughter for a hug.
“No, you killed my dad,” the girl responded.
NBC San Diego reported that after Cdebaca killed Eustaquio she grabbed breakfast at a Denny’s restaurant, gambled at a casino and stopped at her favorite coffee shop.

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