Paige Cunningham will spend 10 months behind bars for the assault

Three young women who filmed themselves sexually assaulting a terrified man with vegetables and scissors have been have been convicted of the crime. They court also heard how they uploaded images of their sick escapade as ‘trophies’ on social media.
They were on Snapchat dancing around their naked victim, chopping vegetables over him and cutting his hair with scissors.
Two of the women, Brogan Gillard and Paige Cunningham and Jones had earlier pled guilty to sexual assault and appeared at Preston Crown Court to be sentenced.
26-year-old  Gillard was jailed 31 months while Cunningham, 22, was sentenced 10 months. A third member of the  gang, Shannon Jones, 20, will be sentenced at a later date.
The women posed for trophy photos with their victim in the kitchen at Gillard’s house, posting them on Snapchat, one with the caption “Terrorised!”
During sentencing for Gillard and Cunningham, Judge Graham Knowles asked members of the public to leave the court when the “sensitive” mobile phone footage was played.
Sitting beside her co-defendants in the dock the oldest of the trio, Brogan Gillard, buried her head in her hands, sobbing and gasping ‘oh no’ repeatedly as the film was played.

Too late for regrets: Brogan Gillard has been jailed 31 months for the group sexual attack on a complete stranger

A witness to the incident,their victim’s mother, was trying to contact her son by phone. She overheard ‘girlie screams’ at the other end of the line, but was not able to speak to him.
Gillard, Cunningham and Jones pleaded guilty to sexual assault and appeared at Preston Crown Court to be sentenced.
The court heard the women had picked up the young footballer in Healey’s Bar,  where he had been out with his girlfriend on November 28.
The three women proceeded to ply the soccer ace with vodka before taking him home to Gillard’s house where they performed the bizarre and humiliating sex attack.
“He was at their mercy. They had none,” Judge Knowles said.
The prosecutor, Francis McEntee, told the court: “This was overall an offence of demeaning and humiliating the victim and the means of doing that was by means of sexually abusing him and recording it, terrorising him.”
The dishevelled victim was found by his mother on his doorstep by his mother, at 5:30 am, wearing only the shreds of a pair of trousers and with clumps of his hair missing.
Cops went to Brogan Gillard’s house, where she claimed two gay men had been at her house, ‘making her feel uncomfortable’.
She later admitted she had lied, and said she had cut the man’s hair “because he’s a d***” and told officers it was a practical joke, something she had seen in films and at parties.
Shannon’s Attorney Sharon Watson, said her client was “genuinely disgusted and appalled with herself” describing the incident was “unplanned and opportunistic.”

 shannon-jones-1Shannon Jones took part in the attack with her two friends, she will be sentenced at a later date 

Paige Cunningham’s lawyer, Mike Brady, said his client and co-defendant had a: “complete and utter lack of appreciation at the time of how serious the behaviour was. She can’t quite bring herself to believe she acted in this way.”
In sentencing, Judge Knowles said: “The purpose of the defendants is to demean and humiliate for their own entertainment at the time.
“They found it amusing as the video clearly show.”
It was reported that since the attack, the victim ‘suffers flashbacks and was unable to sleep’.
He also had to shave his hair to cover the patches left by Gillard.