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One officer dead, another wounded after car crash shooting with ‘documented gang member’

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One officer dead, another wounded after car crash shooting with ‘documented gang member’ 
26-year-old gang banger Michael Christopher Mejia was also wounded during the shooting that took the life of officer Keith Boyer
Boyer, 53, a 27-year veteran of the Whittier PD was shot and killed after responding to scene of a traffic accident in  LA 
The gunman is a suspect in the murder of a man early Monday morning in East LA, where the car was stolen
Officer Keith Boyer was a 27-year veteran of the Whittier Police Department..jpg o
Keith Boyer a 27-year veteran of the Whittier Police Department was fatally shot by the suspect
A shooting at a traffic stop in LA early Monday morning left one California police officer dead and another wounded. They were shot Monday morning by a recently paroled gang member who authorities said was involved in the killing of another man earlier that day.
Michael Christopher Mejia1.jpgGang banger Michael Christopher Mejia allegedly shot and killed officer Keith Boyer and wounded officer Patrick Hazel

The 26-year-old suspect was also wounded during the exchange of gunfire that took the 27-year veteran officer Keith Boyer, 53,  of the Whittier Police Department had responded to the scene of a traffic accident in the Los Angeles suburb.
Surviving officer Patrick Hazel and the suspect, who has not been identified, are both in stable condition and expected to survive.
Police were originally called to the scene of a crash where the alleged gunman was believed to be driving a stolen car that ran into two other vehicles at a stoplight.
The suspect, a known gang member according to police, began shooting shortly after getting out of the vehicle, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office said.

la-police-officer-is-dead-after-a-monday-morning-shooting3LA police officer was shot dead  by a paroled gang member, early Monday morning
Memorial for Officer Keith Boyer in Whittier,.jpgMemorial for Officer Keith Boyer in Whittier

The shooting happened around 8.30 am Monday morning in the upscale neighborhood area of Colima Road and Mar Vista Street in LA while responding to a traffic accident.
A resident who witnessed the shooting from his window said the suspect had originally seemed to be trying to run, but stopped as officers approached him and ordered him to lie down on the street.
Around “six or seven” shots rang out and the suspect, who had yelled something back at police, went to the ground, an officer then moved a handgun away from the gunman as he was being arrested. Police later confirmed the suspect was armed
The gunman is a suspect in the murder of a man early Monday morning in East Los Angeles, where the car was stolen, police said.

la-police-officer-is-dead-after-a-monday-morning-shootingOfficer Keith Boyer police cruiser is seen behind he suspect’s car after the exchange of gunfire

The shooter had recently been in prison but had been paroled about a week earlier.
Boyer, a father of adult children, later died at a local hospital. His body was escorted to the coroner’s office by a large caravan of fellow officers.
“I didn’t think I had any more tears,” Whittier Police Chief John Piper said at an emotional press conference where he spoke about the dangers the officers face.
Piper said he and Boyer, a drummer, had played together in a band that performed at charity events.


1 Comment on One officer dead, another wounded after car crash shooting with ‘documented gang member’

  1. Unfortunately our “Day Without Immigrants” didn’t mean a “Day Without Immigrant Crime” did it?

    As we sit here in our Paramedic unit tonight listening to the police scanner, the CHP is out on 2 simultaneous high-speed pursuits – chasing “Hispanic males.”
    Innocent 911 victims all over our cities are begging for police to come save them from garbage behavior. Again, “Hispanic males” are running roughshod because that’s there idea of Saturday night entertainment.

    And excellent American heroes in uniform are killed because they have the nerve to take a stand between the citizenry and garbage.

    Paramedics all over L.A., Orange County, Victorville and the Inland Empire tonight are running non-stop to domestic violence, stabbings, gunshot victims and pedestrians being run-down by urban gorillas who respect no laws whatsoever.
    The overwhelming majority are Hispanic, and by God they demand their “rights” to be treated at law-abiding tax payer expense.

    If you happen to be a law-abiding citizen with a heart attack, difficulty breathing or a pregnant family member – good luck getting either an ambulance or an ER bed as quick as you need one: the ERs & rescue teams are busy taking care of idiots who roll their cars, and bleeding gang members who in a righteous society would be allowed to bleed to death.

    One of the reasons YOUR EMS care takes a back seat is a seriously ugly fact that you will NEVER hear the media question: Why has the state of California had 83 Emergency Rooms close over the last 25 years?

    You might want to go back and look at that number again. The immigrant bloating of our cities is absolutely gutting EMS systems. 83 ERs – doors closed. Do yourselves a favor: read up as to why this happened.

    “A Day Without Immigrants” is a farce – because nobody is banning the well-behaved who have a right to be here.

    “A Day Without Immigrant Crime” would be too refreshing for words. Trust me: Nobody in the world of EMS or law enforcement is holding their breath for that wonderful day, because every single day is a knife, car crash and gunfire blood bath, where little kids get shot in their own living rooms by gangster-garbage in cars.

    And great cops are gunned down by gutter-scum.

    Until the protesters spend a 24-hour ride-along shift with an EMS team or a police officer, they have absolutely no idea how much damage to this society, this disgusting influx of users & abusers are causing. At least, until their street-filth behavior kills one of YOURS.

    As my Paramedic partner likes to say every time we pull up to a knifing, a shooting or our countless thousands of pedestrian hit & runs:

    “When did our ambulance make a left turn into the Twilight Zone?”

    May the Lord bless Keith Boyer and his family.

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