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Family of four found slain ! Three female relatives and a five-year-old boy found shot dead in a Quadruple homicide inside Mississippi home

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Three women and a five-year-old boy are found shot dead in their Toomsuba, a Mississippi home 
The family of four were found slain by a sheriff’s deputy performing a welfare check at their home on Tuesday
A relatives identified the victims as 42-year-old Tomecca L. Pickett and her 5-year-old son Owen Pickett. Also shot were Edna Durr, 65, and Kiearra Durr, 27  
A 3-year-old girl with special needs was found unscathed at the crime scene on Butts Road 
Investigators have ruled out murder-suicide  in the shootings 
Deputies found the front door smashed in with a single bullet hole in the door frame
No suspects have been identified, but investigators believe the victims knew the killer, as do survivors of the victims
65-year-old Edna Durr, her two adult daughters and grandson were shot and killed in their home by a yet unidentified person[s]
Tomecca and Owen Pickett1.jpgTomecca Pickett and her son and Owen were also killed in the attack

A woman, her two daughters and her grandson were found shot to death Tuesday morning at a home in Lauderdale County, Mississippi authorities said. The Quadruple homicide, among them a 5-year-old boy, were discovered shot to death at the family’s home in eastern Mississippi Tuesday morning.
Lauderdale County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Ward Calhoun says investigators are pursuing ‘numerous leads’ after the child and the bodies of three women were found in the community of Toomsuba, near the Alabama state line.
Authorities have not released a motive. They say they do not think the shootings were part of a murder-suicide.

LeCarious Oliver, center, with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, speaks with family members in front of a home on Butts Road in Toomsuba where four family members were found shot.jpgAgent LeCarious Oliver, center, with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, speaks with family members in front of the Durr home
 The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has arrived at the scene of a quadruple homicide in Toomsuba1..jpg
Police presence at the home on Butts Road in Toomsuba, Mississippi where four family members of the Durr family were found shot to death Tuesday morning 

Three women and a 5-year-old boy, all members of the same family, were found shot to death at a home in Toomsuba, Mississippi, Tuesday morning

A 3-year-old girl was found unharmed at the home and taken to a hospital.|A family member of the victims, Demetrus Durr, told The Meridian Star the deceased were his mother, Edna Durr, two sisters, Kierra Durr and Tomecca Pickett, and young nephew, Owen Pickett.

demetrus-durr-said-the-victims-were-his-mother-two-sisters-and-nephew-durr-also-said-that-his-3-year-old-niece-had-health-issues-thus-the-reason-for-the-wellness-checkDemetrus Durr said the victims were his mother, two sisters and nephew 
Toomsuba+prayer+service.jpg Family and friends  gathered around 11:30 Tuesday morning for a special prayer service at the crime scene  in Toomsuba, Miss

Mr Durr told the station WAPT his surviving toddler niece, Bailey Ruffin, is a special needs child with medical problems.
‘Whoever did this, they don’t deserve to live,’ Durr said. ‘Justice is going to have to be served.’
Durr suggested that the person or people responsible for this slaughter were known to his family:  “A very cruel and evil person,” Durr said. “There was no money involved, just hatred.” Demetrus Durr said.
Lauderdale County Coroner Clayton Cobler said neighbors contacted the authorities Tuesday asking to perform a welfare check at a home on Butts Road because they saw no sign of the family on Monday, reported the station WTOK.
Deputies found the front door smashed in with a single bullet hole in the door frame, authorities said. The bodies were found inside the house.

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