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Adult film actress Christy Mack, gives explosive testimony against MMA fighter ‘War Machine ‘, her ex who nearly beat her to death during a horrific 2014 assault

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Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, aka War Machine, was in court Wednesday accused of  brutalizing porn star ex-girlfriend Christine Mackinday, AKA Christy Mack
The former MMA fighter, 35, allegedly attacked 25-year-old girlfriend Christy Mack, and her friend Corey Thomas, in a fit of jealousy on Aug 15, 2014
Koppenhaver faces 35 felony charges on allegations stretching back to May 2013, including 5 counts sexual assault, 2 counts attempted murder with rape and attempted murder 
Christy Mack testified that her ex War Machine ‘sawed off’ her Mohawk during attack that landed her in hospital  
Mack, claims he was acting out their sexual fantasies
He once tweeted that he could not be accused of raping Mack because she is a porn star 
Koppenhaver is currently serving 18-to-48 month prison term for probation violation in a prior assault case, faces life in jail if convicted 

Christy Mack7Christy Mack breaks down in court while recounting her ordeal

Adult film actress Christine Mackinday, aka Christy Mack,  took the stand Wednesday during the trial of her ex-boyfriend Jonathan ‘War Machine’ Koppenhaver ‘s trial for domestic battery and rape, revealing that he used a knife to cut off her Mohawk during the infamous August 2014 attack.
Mack, who was sporting new blond hair and kept her tattoos hidden underneath a turtleneck blouse and jacket, told the courtroom that after being repeatedly beaten her ex grabbed one of her kitchen knives and started hitting her in the ear with the handle.
She also said the former MMA fighter, who is using his birth name Jon Koppenhaver for the trial, cut her head with the knife, “sawed off” some of her hair and cut up her wigs “because he always hated” them.

Christy Mack in court3.jpgScene from the Regional Justice Center, Las Vegas:  Christy Mack testifies in the trial against her ex-boyfriend War Machine, Wednesday

Christine Mackinday testified Wednesday about the months of continual abuse she endured at the hands of her former boyfriend, a mixed martial arts fighter known as War Machine, leading up to the night she thought he would kill her.
He burst into her central Las Vegas home in the middle of the night while she slept and “sawed off” her mohawk, she said. He cut up her wigs and slashed her head with the handle of a broken knife.
The attack would only get worse, she told jurors during the trial for War Machine, also known as Jonathan Koppenhaver.
At one point, she gained consciousness in her shower, tasting blood.

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver ' War Machine'3According to the court records Koppenhaver [above] beat up Mack for almost two hours.

MMA fighter Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, on trial for brutalizing porn star girlfriend Christy Mack

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver [left] is accused of delivering severe beating to adult movie star, Christine Mackinday5.pngPre-trail response by Jon ‘War Machine’ Koppenhaver to Christy Mack after her nearly killed her in a savage two-hour beating and rape. She  had moved on from the relationship by the time of the assault
Corey Thomas1.png
Mack’s current boyfriend Corey Thomas after the beating by her ex War Machine

During Mack’s testimony, the 25-year-old former porn star said after Koppenhaver let her friend Corey Thomas leave he charged at her.
Mack apparently blacked out, because she said the next thing she remembered was waking up in her shower without any clothes on.
She told the courtroom she knew she had been hit in the face because she tasted blood in her mouth.

Christy Mack5.png
Porn star Christy Mack before the assault that changed her features

Later, as she collapsed on her bed in the midst of the two-hour long assault, he scrolled through her phone, she said, and punched her in the face each time he found something he didn’t like.
As he beat her, Koppenhaver  allegedly told Mack  ‘ I am  going to kill you’, she said.
“I’ve gone too far,” she remembered him saying. “You can’t be seen like this.”

Christy Mack injuries2Mack’s horrendous injuries can bee seen in these montage of the post-beating photos

“Any time he would see something that he didn’t like … he would hit me,” she said wiping away tears.
Mack said she lost count how many she was struck in the face. The former model said she tried to get up but the former mixed martial arts fighter kicked her so hard in her ribs she collapsed and started convulsing.
“I genuinely felt like I was going to die at this point,” Mack told the room.

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver 'War Machine'6.jpgFormer MMA fighter ‘War Machine’ [white shirt] in court accused of viciously beating up his ex-girlfriend and her new friend in 2014

Koppenhaver didn’t just physically hit Mack, he also threatened to kill her because her bruises were too bad and people would notice.
“Now I have to kill you, I’ve gone too far,” Mack said Koppenhaver told her. “You can’t be seen like this. Everyone’s gonna know.”
Koppenhaver faces 34 counts, including sexual assault, kidnapping and attempted murder for the August 2014 attack on Mackinday and Corey Thomas, who was in her home at the time.

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