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Evil, mean and nasty! Heartless stepmom gouged out the eyes of four-year-old stepson for bed wetting

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‘There is a special place in hell for this heartless woman. She deserves maiming as well, not just jail time’  

Evil stepmother blinds four-year-old stepson because he wet the bed 
The attack happened in near the rural town of Masvingo in Zimbabwe
The cruel woman, allegedly was laughing while admitting to the crime to Zimbabwe police
When police officers questioned her motives she simply said “He isn’t my child”

An evil stepmother gouged out the eyes of her four-year-old stepson simply because he wet the bed, it’s being claimed.
The youngster – who has not been named – is thought to have wet his bed in the night before he was allegedly set upon by his father’s wife.
The horrific attack took place in the province of Masvingo in Central Zimbabwe and a horrifying photograph has emerged to back up the claims.
The young lad can be seen sitting on the ground, his clothes stained with blood and his eye sockets a ruined mess of tissue.
It’s being reported that the woman ,who is also not being named, admitted to the crime when questioned by police. She allegedly, was laughing about carrying out the evil deed when sops arrived.
Local reports also claim that when police officers questioned the woman’s motives she was heard saying: “He isn’t my child”.

Stepmom gouged out eyes of four-year-old stepson for bed wetting3.jpgRedacted photo shows the young four-year-old boy seen on the ground after the attack, with bloodied mass of tissue in the sockets where his eyes should have been

It was not clear where the boy’s father was at the time of the attack.
Police in Zimbabwe have not released details of what charges the woman could face over the incident, and it was not clear whether she was under arrest.
The case is believed to be ongoing.


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