Hostage tied-up during a home invasion breaks free of his restraints and gave the would-be robbers a deadly doze of their medicine
The intruders tied the victims, a male and female using duct tape after breaking into their home invasion Monday night in northwest Las Vegas,  Nevada 
The man broke free grabbed his gun and shot two of the thieves ,killing one
The injured robber, 21-year-old Arnold Morales, was arrested on Monday after he drove himself to the hospital for a gunshot wound to the buttocks 
The female victim was shot in the arm, but is expected to recover, it’s unclear who shot her, the male victim or one of the intruders
Morales Faces nine counts including attempted murder, kidnapping, assault, armed robbery, burglary and conspiracy
The dead suspect is yet to be identified, police believe a third suspect may be on the run 
Police activity after the home owner broke free and shot the two of the intruders who had taken the residents hostage, wounding Morales and killing his partner, Monday night.

Another neighbor, Angela, recalled:“I wasn’t sure what the loud noise was. They were shots, but maybe we thought they were firecrackers because I don’t know what a gunshot is supposed to sound like but it didn’t immediately seem like that.
“The girl was screaming really loud and that was what was so scary, like a horror movie kind of screaming.”