Whats with teacher ‘pervs’ going after their students? Amber alert warns missing Tennessee teen, Catherine ‘Elizabeth’ Thomas, is ‘in extreme danger’ after her abduction by 50-year-old teacher, Tad Cummins

This last  sighting of the Tennessee teenager and her captor, after she was abducted by her teacher almost three weeks ago, occurred just two days after her disappearance. The

images were captured by a security camera at a Walmart located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on March 15. They show middle-aged Tad Cummins and Elizabeth Thomas, 15, stopping in to purchase supplies before quickly heading out of the store.
The tape shows that Cummins’ has dyed his hair and beard from brown to black while Elizabeth is now a redhead.
Both Cummins and Elizabeth wore nondescript clothing on the shopping trip, with the exception of the teenager’s large plaid shirt, which actually belongs to her captor.
This sighting also reveals that in a span of less than two days Cummins managed to drive 700 miles from Culleoka to Oklahoma City with the teenager.
Authorities now fear that the two may have safely made it to Mexico given how much time has passed since the young girl disappeared on March 13.

New look for 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas - now a red head

Disguise complete: Elizabeth Thomas is now a redhead at last sighting, having dyed her hair, just like her abductor in the days after she vanished with paedophile Tad Cummings in contrast to her looks [below] the kinapping

Elizabeth Thomas 2.jpg

On their March 15 trip to Walmart the two purchased a few food supplies which Cummins paid for in cash before got back into their vehicle and headed out.
It is still unclear however what vehicle the two might be driving in, and whether or not either Cummins or Thomas has once again altered their appearance in the days since they were captured in these images.
Investigators had been in possession of the images in their ongoing search for the young girl, and released them to let the public know about how the young captive and her abductor might look.
In a related development, Friday, an attorney for Jill Cummings the fugitive abductor’s wife revealed in a statement that she had filed for divorce.

Tad Cummings and daughter in 2016.jpg
Tad Cummings and daughter Daphne, a year ago

”Today Jill Walters Cummins filed for divorce from Tad Cummins, her husband of 31 years. The filing of the divorce complaint is the first step to removing Jill from this situation. Jill will attempt to move forward with her life. This is a difficult time for her and her family,’ read the statement.
‘She would appreciate the media and the public respecting her need for privacy during these trying times.
‘Jill continues to pray for the safe return of Elizabeth Thomas and for a peaceful resolution to this ordeal.’

Old looks: Cummings and Elizabeth  prior to the kidnapping

Cummins was last seen one day before the two disappeared buying hair dye at a Walmart, while wearing the plaid shirt that Elizabeth was seen in days later in Oklahoma, which he obviously used to alter his appearance.
Elizabeth, who is one of ten children, made frequent posts on social media about romance and love in the weeks before she was abducted by Cummins.
She also started calling herself ‘wife’ on Instagram and made several references to a ‘mission’ that was ‘almost complete’.
On March 13, she told family she was going to spend the day with a friend. her parent dropped off her at a restaurant for the date. She vanished from there.  One of her siblings later revealed that she told them to call police if she did not return home that night.

Thomas family1.pngElizabeth is one of ten children in theThomas family [photo]. Authorities fear she may have gone willingly on a ‘ Jail break’

Authorities believe she may have gone willingly with Cummins, who they say has been grooming her for sex for some time.  Elizabeth was seen on surveillance footage the day she disappeared carrying a bundle of clothes.
The grandfather is believed to be armed and possible dangerous, with two guns. Her mom has expressed concern for her teen daughter’s safety as she roams the country with a ‘disturbed’  man. She fears the teen would  either end up pregnant or dead.

Jill and Tad Cummings2.jpg
Jill and Tad Cummings. Before his inexplicale behavioral change, the couple had a lot of PDAs on social media

The sister of Elizabeth Thomas also Speaking on Good Morning America earlier this week, Elizabeth’s sister Sarah revealed that Cummins had begun showing up unannounced at her sister’s work shortly before the pair disappeared together, and that his last visit had come just two days before the girl’s abduction.
‘She would go and tell people to tell him she wasn’t there and she would go and hide until he left,’ explained Sarah Thomas.
‘She thought it was the only way. She felt uncomfortable.’
Elizabeth’s family is still holding out hope that they will see the girl again, and are begging any person who might have information to reach out and contact authorities.
‘It feels like she just vanished, and I know that’s impossible, someone had to see her,’ said the victim’s sister Sarah.
Her father meanwhile was optimistic about the teenager’s eventual return home to be with her family.
‘We just live for that day where we are gonna get a phone call that says we’re alright and waiting for someone to get me,’ said Anthony Thomas.

Elizabeth's sister, Sarah Thomas1.pngElizabeth’s sister,  Sarah Thomas, revealed the fugitive predator, Tad Cummings, had been showing up at the 15-year-old’s work unannounced.  She would go and tell people to tell him she wasn’t there and she would go and hide until he left,’ said Sarah Thomas

Investigators have also learned that the two had been sending love letters to one another which were at times sexually charged by writing draft emails on a shared classroom computer at Culleoka High School.
They spent last weekend pouring over email drafts that the two would send one another while in school for any clues into where the pair may be, with Cummins now facing charges of aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor.
Those letters were all sent after a student witnessed Cummins and Elizabeth kissing in his classroom this past January.
‘They would write the message and let it save as a draft. The other person would log in, read the message and then delete it and then write another message that was saved as a draft,’ said Maury County District Attorney Brent Cooper.
‘If you read them you would immediately recognize you are reading messages between two people who have a romantic interest in each other.’
One of the emails uncovered by authorities was written by Cummins and began: ‘I saw you standing next to your backpack this morning.’  The teacher then told the student how nice one of her body parts looked to him in the note.

To date, there have been 1,200 tips in the case as of Friday morning, and a reward of $10,000 now being offered for the safe return of Elizabeth by one of Tad Cummin’s former co-workers.