The three students were collared on prostitution charges during an undercover sting operation at a Florida hotel, authorities have said.
Acacia Jerico Friedman, 23, of the University of Miami, and Samara Charlotin, 19, of Florida International University, reportedly reported for duty as prostitutes to service an undercover cop.
Maury Noun, 21, of the University of Miami, allegedly, negotiated the deal.
Noun allegedly acted as the women’s pimp and met with the officer at a restaurant at the Hotel Colonnade in Coral Gables. The two agreed sex with the girls would cost $5,000 each, according to NBC Miami.

Friedman and Charlotin1.pngFriedman [left]’ and Charlotin [right], both demanded and received $5,000 apiece to have unprotected sex with a police decoy

Acacia Jerico Friedman (left), 23, and Samara Charlotin, 19, were arrested in a prostitution sting after they allegedly agreed to have sex with an undercover cop.

There are conflicting reports about whether it was $5,000 for each girl or both but Noun allegedly raised the price for unprotected sex.
After closing the deal, the 21-year-old then allegedly brought the two girls into the room and the officer paid them. The undercover cop then signaled for police to arrest the three students.
The trio were each charged on numerous prostitution charges and jailed. They have since been released on bond.

Acacia Friedman5.jpg
Acacia Friedman, from San Diego, was charged with engaging in prostitution 

Maury Noun, 21, a student at the University of Miami allegedly acted as the women’s pimp and negotiated an $8,000 deal with an undercover cop

Noun had been charged with deriving support from prostitution, aiding or abetting prostitution and directing another to prostitution.
Charlotin was charged with engaging in prostitution and for possession of marijuana and Oxycodone. Friedman, who is from San Diego, was charged with engaging in prostitution.
Charlotin posted $9,000 bail and appeared in court with a public defender. She was seen leaving the courthouse covering her face, NBC Miami reported.

Jones and Charlotin out of jail
Acacia Friedman covers her face as the media tried to question her after she made bail, Friday night

Friedman is a student at the University of Miami with Noun. Court footage shows Judge Mindy Glazer lecturing 19-year-old Charlotin and telling her to find a ‘new line of employment.’
‘Maybe it is a good thing you got arrested. Maybe you will change your way… lead a new path. Focus on school. You’ll do well,’ she added.
Charlotin is majoring in biology with a minor in criminal justice.

Acacia Friedman2Samara Charlotin2
Friedman [right],  was pictured with Bill Clinton and used the photograph as her Twitter profile picture.
It is believed to have been taken while Hillary was on the campaign trail because of the pin he is wearing on his lapel. Bill Clinton is not connected to the story in any way.
Charlotin [left], was charged with engaging in prostitution and for possession of marijuana and Oxycodone