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Billionaire real estate mogul, Harry Macklowe, laughs after offering wife $1B to go away, Linda Marklowe snubbed the 50/50 asset sharing offer – digs in for messy divorce

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Harry Macklowe laughs after offering wife $1B to go away in court, Tuesday
The New York developer offered wife Linda, half of his $2 billion fortune just to end his acrimonious divorce case
79-year-old real estate tycoon Macklowe hid girlfriend in Park Ave., NY apt for 2 year
Harry Macklowe told Linda May 2016, that he was leaving her for a new girlfriend, Patricia Landeau  
Landeau, 62, is president of the French Friends of the Israel Museum,  trustee of the Guggenheim museum which closely is linked to the Macklowe art collection worth over $1billion
He has said  “As soon as this divorce is over, I’m getting remarried,”
He offered Linda Macklowe, 79,  a 50-50 financial split, which she is yet to accept
The couple have been married for 58 years
Harry Macklowe and his French mistress1Macklowe said he is going to marry girlfriend, Patricia Landeau [left], as soon as his divorce is through. He once kept her hidden for years

The giddy real estate mogul then launched into an impromptu comedy set for reporters, telling a string of risqué jokes in a comedy skit centered on marriage and the wife angle.
Harry Macklowe had announced to his wife in May of 2016, that he was leaving her for a new girlfriend, Patricia Landeau, president of the French Friends of the Israel Museum, located in Jerusalem, NY.
Multiple sources confirmed the septuagenarian billionaire was gallivanting around the Hamptons over Memorial Day weekend with his attractive new French girlfriend.

Harry and Linda Macklowe in 2009.jpgHarry Macklowe seen with his now estranged wife Linda in this 2009 photo, thinks marriage is a big joke

His act outside court Tuesday had several long quips including addressing a marriage where love is long lost: ‘A husband has been giving his wife incredible pleasure, beyond her wildest fantasies, for 30 years of marriage. But they always have sex with the lights off. One night she gets curious, leans over and flips the light switch on. She is shocked to see that her husband is using a vibrator on her. “I knew it, you jerk, explain the vibrator!” she says.’
“Explain the kids!” he says.
Macklowe is engaged to be married to 62-year-old mistress Patricia Landeau, a museum president, seemed unconcerned about the prospect of losing half of his fortune, as he cracked his wife jokes Tuesday.
He even suggested reporters check out the stand-up routines he’s posted on Old Jews Telling Jokes.
He griped that his wife,  who is an art-loving trustee of the Guggenheim Foundation, never laughed at his wisecracks.
He also complained about how she refused his offer to give her half his money — and instead served him with divorce papers as he arrived with his new gal pal in London last year.
Linda, 79, filed for the divorce in July after learning that her husband had put his French mistress up in one of his apartments at 737 Park Ave., less than a mile away from their home at The Plaza hotel.
Linda and her attorneys declined to comment.
Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Laura Drager ordered the two sides to “move this forward expeditiously.” Drager asked Linda for a list of information she wants to determine the value of her husband’s real estate empire.


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