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Possible murder-suicide at a ‘marijuana-grow’ at Pennsylvania home – human remains found on the property

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Cops stumbled onto possible murder-suicide, huge marijuana-growing operation at home in Mt Pleasant Township, PA, Monday
Police were making a wellfare check on Joseph Mastropole at the property when a man answered the door, claiming he was a roommate and had not seen Mastropole.
Pressed for answers, 57-year-old Gaston Gomez shot himself 
Gomez had identified himself to cops as “William McDonough” before committing suicide
54-year-old Joseph Mastropole is still missing, and feared dead.
DA said officers saw a burn barrel [at the home],” “It’s smoldering and they kick it over … what is clear [is] that bones come out.”
Cops also found “body parts,” packed in Hefty bags inside the freezer at the home
Joseph Mastropole1
Joseph Mastropole  is missing, and feared dead, according to PA authorities
Pennsylvania cops say officers stumbled onto a possible homicide, an apparent suicide and a massive marijuana-growing operation, all at the same time.
Troopers said they received a call  from a woman out, of state, to make a welfare check on Joseph Mastropole around 8 a.m. Monday. She told troopers she had not heard from him in a while.
Officers went to the home in Mount Pleasant Township on Monday morning to look for 54-year-old Mastropole, instead a man opened the door and claimed he was a roommate. but he had not seen the missing man.

Gaston Gomez2.png
Gaston Gomez  answered the door at the weed grow, could not account for his ‘roommate’ then turned his gun on himself.

WNEP reports that the man at the door told police his name was “William McDonough”. On further investigation, troopers realized that the man they met was really 57-year-old Gaston Gomez.
They went back to the home on Leonard Road later in that morning. That’s when they found a really large pot-growing operation. Pressed, Gomez allegedly killed himself that afternoon when more troopers showed up to search the property.
Although the missing man is yet to be found, human remains and a massive marijuana growing operation were among pertinent materials found at the home.
“While they are searching the property based on a search warrant for a marijuana grow that we issued earlier, they see a burn barrel,” Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards told WNEP. “It’s smoldering and they kick it over with what is clear that bones come out.”

Police remove cannabies from the home
Police remove mature cannabis from the property
Police discovered smoldering non-animal bones in a burner at the weed grow.jpg
Police discovered smoldering non-animal bones in a burner at the weed grow

Edwards told the station that body parts were found in bags inside a freezer in the home.
The search also turned up hundreds of Cannabis plants in the home.

In statements reported by the Times-Tribune, police are trying to determine whether some or all of the remains belong to Mastropole, who is considered a missing person. They are also trying to figure out what kind of relationship Mastropole had with Gomez, according to the newspaper.
An autopsy will take place on Wednesday, according to the Times-Tribune.

Police remove Equipment from the Weed grow.jpgDeputies remove equipment from the ‘grow’ in Mount Pleasant Township, PA Monday


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