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Ex-cop, Alberto Randazzo, jailed 28 years for persuading women to sexually abuse infants and children

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Baby porn loving, former NY police Sgt., Alberto Randazzo,  is sentenced to serves 28 years for persuading women to sexually abuse infants and children 
Prosecutor said the former cop is one of the worst child sex abusers ever to pass through Brooklyn federal court
Randazzo, 40, previously pled guilty to two counts of conspiracy to sexually exploit a child, one count receipt of child pornography for a minimum of 15 years on each charge
39-year-old speech therapist, Leigh Marcini, in Pennsylvania,  one of five girlfriends  along with Keira Norton, 44,  of Colorado and Massachusetts grandmother, Jenny Lemay, 52,  had all molested kids on Skype, at Randazzo’s  directionRenee Kimberly Gregg 
Marcini was facing up to 80 years in prison
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Child-porn loving former cop Alberto Randazzo, who a prosecutor called one of the worst child sex abusers ever to pass through Brooklyn federal court, was sentenced to 28 years, Wednesday
Alberto Randazzo a former NYPD sergeant who a prosecutor called one of the worst child sex abusers ever to pass through Brooklyn federal court was sentenced to 28 years in prison, Wednesday.
A judge sentenced 40-year-old Randazzo after he guilty plea on charges of receiving child pornography and conspiring with at least five women, sometimes the children’s own mothers, to sexually exploit the young victims.
Though Brooklyn Federal Judge Pamela Chen called Randazzo’s crimes “heinous and depraved,” she said the 80 years Federal guidelines recommended for the defendant crimes was too severe. She let out a deep sigh before announcing the sentence length.

Tina Zerello and daughter, Jenny Zerello.png
Whistle blower:  After Tina Zerello was warned by a psychic that her daughter Jenny Zerello [right], was in a relationship with a very bad person  Jenny turned Randazzo in to IAB

In July 2016, the 40-year-old former NYPD sergeant pled guilty to sexually exploiting young boys via Skype as his latest girlfriend looked on in the courtroom and blew him a kiss.
Alberto Randazzo was left facing up to 80 years in prison for his sickening conduct when he was a supervisor in the Midtown North Precinct.
Randazzo’s downfall came when he was turned in to authorities by an ex-girlfriend. She had been warned by a psychic that she was dating a bad guy, and then found a trove of depraved videos and photos on his cell phone.
Randazzo met the women on sites like and, then groomed them to exploit children entrusted to their care. Randazzo watched the abuse on Skype calls and traveled to hotel rooms at least twice in the hopes of watching the abuse up front.
“We had conversations via Skype chat and certain language was used to entice her to sexually abuse her child,” Randazzo told federal Judge Pamela Chen.
“I’m trying to think of the right word … It was ‘simulated,’ that’s the word.”
Speech Therapist Leigh Marcini, pleads guilty to sending sick paedophile pics to NY cop Sgt. Alberto Randazzo accused of child porn
The victims ranged from under 1 to 8 years old. The sick spree started as early as 2010 and ran through early 2013, prosecutors said, when the 15-year veteran was a supervisor in the Midtown North Precinct.
In one incident he got a Massachusetts grandmother to drug and molest an 8-year-old boy during sickening Skype sessions while he watched,
“This is a life no one would wish on any child,” judge Chen said.
While the judge noted Randazzo’s public service “has to mean something,” she added that “he should’ve known better.”
Randazzo, 40, apologized to his family, the judge, prosecutors and everyone harmed by what happened — though he didn’t specifically mention his child victims.
“I will not and cannot justify anything that happened here,” he said.
His mother sobbed during the proceeding and told Randazzo she loved him as he was taken out of the courtroom.
The ex-cop said he felt “this progression” that he couldn’t stop. It was “a darkness I couldn’t wish on anyone.”

Leigh Marcini molested a 2-year-old in her care at the direction of Randazzo

Randazzo said he actually felt grateful to be sitting in a courtroom, saying the only other outcome would have been suicide.
Though he ended up with an 18-year sentence, prosecutors wanted at least 35 years.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Tyler Smith called Randazzo among the worst child sex offenders to come through the Brooklyn federal system. Randazzo “literally created child abusers,” said Smith.
Still, the judge said prison would be tough for a former police officer who’s been convicted on such charges. The judge said he faced a high risk of harm from other prisoners – or a lot of time in solitary as a way to protect him.
“These will not be easy years,” she said.
Randazzo’s lawyer, Anthony DiFiore, had pushed for 15 years, sometimes struggling with the best way to phrase his case for leniency.
“He’s not a demon, my client. He’s not an animal,” said DiFiore – who admitted it upset him to be Randazzo’s lawyer.

Alberto Randazzo 2Randazzo, said he was not going to jail he would be contemplating suicide

DiFiore said Randazzo now couldn’t “even bring himself to hear the language” he used to persuade women to abuse the children. “It’s reprehensible. He knows that. I know that.”
Authorities got on to the stomach-turning case in 2013 when Randazzo’s girlfriend at the time came across texts he’d sent to another woman saying he wanted to have sex with her on a child’s bed.
The girlfriend also discovered child pornography on his phone. She told the Internal Affairs Bureau and made Randazzo think she was into his sick desires until he was caught.
Among his damning texts, was one where he wrote about wanting to have a child so he and the mother could abuse the baby together.
The NYPD said it fired Randazzo the same day he pleaded guilty, in July.
Three of the women Randazzo solicited for the perverted acts 39-year-old speech therapist, Leigh Marcini, from Pennsylvania, Keira Norton, 44,  of Colorado and Massachusetts grandmother, Jenny Lemay, 52, all face criminal cases in Brooklyn federal court.
Norton is awaiting trial. Marcini and Lemay have entered guilty pleas.

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