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Fatal attraction! Heartbroken man killed himself after discovering the ‘girl of his dreams,’ model girlfriend was a drug smuggler for Breaking Bad-style gang – he’d known her just six months

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Man stunned by criminal duplicity of  the ‘girl of his dreams’ , killed himself after discovering the ‘girl of his dreams’  was a drug smuggler for Breaking Bad-style gang in Wigan, Gtr Manchester, UK
29-year-old engineerDavid Swankie struggled to cope after his partner, model girlfriend Sarah Riches was found guilty of taking part in a massive cocaine smuggling operation last Decenber
It turned out Riches, 26, was secretly a key player in the criminal drug smuggling ring
She was found guilty in December of her role in the criminal drug gang 
The father-of-two was heartbroken when Sarah received a seven years in prison sentence in Dec, 2016
He succumbing to the shock, lost his job, lost weight, started drinking heavily
Finally Swankie,  left a note for his family – ‘I’ll see [you] people in another life,’ and hung himself
David Swankie1.png
Love lorn: The shock of confronting girlfriends dark side sent David David off kilter. He descended into depression and drink. He lost his job shortly after

A DAD-of-two killed himself after learning his model girlfriend was a secret drug smuggler, an inquest heard.  An inquest heard how David Swankie struggled with the pressure of paying bills and dealing with his incarcerated partner’s underworld connections.
Swankie, 29, was forced to pay mounting bills and fend off partner Sarah Riches’ criminal pals from the illicit drug world, when she was jailed for seven years in December of 2016.

David Swankie and Sarah Riches4David Swankie met Sarah Riches, 26, two years ago nad hooked up. Six months later, he’d lost his job and began drinking heavily after learning of his girlfriend’s secret criminal activity
Sarah Riche51Sarah Riches was secretly a key player in a criminal drug smuggling ring,  She helped drug lord  Paul Law, bring in cocaine from Mexico. Subsequently, dad-of-two David Swankie was stunned when his girlfriend was arrested six months into their relationship. Out of control, David lost his job and began drinking heavily after learning of her secret criminal activity

Loving boyfriend, Swankie went into a tailspin when the model was  arrested and prosecuted for her role in a huge gangland operation shipping cocaine from Mexico to the couple’s hometown of Wigan, in the Greater Manchester area of the UK.
This apparently was too much of a shock for doting David, who up till the moment believed he had found the girl of his dreams when he met Sarah, 26, two years ago.
But just six months into their relationship the engineer was stunned when his femme fatale was busted by cops.

David Swankie and Sarah Riches3
David doted on model Sarah, but was heartbroken when she was sent down for seven years
David Swankie and Sarah Riches2
Engineer David fell hard for Sarah Riches. Six months later his life, as he knew it, was shattered and over

Like in the hit show, the gang headed by crime lord Law, 36, fronted their illicit operation with a car wash. The revelations proved all too much for David Swankie who succumbed to the shock. David lost his job, lost weight. He started drinking heavily.
he still managed to mask his pain and never let on to his torment to family and friends. They were not aware he was struggling to cope.

Sarah Riches2 Model Sarah Riches was found guilty in December of her role in the criminal drug gang
Druglord, Paul Law1
Narco kingpin Paul Law fronted his drug smuggling operation with a car wash. he was convicted and sentenced 14 years behind bars

tragically on January 19 he sent what proved to be his communication to his mother. He texted: “I love you all very much – but I will see [you] people in another life.”
He was found hanged in his home the following day.
Recording a conclusion of suicide, coroner Jennifer seeming said: “David was a person with everything to live for and had friends and family and I am so sorry for what happened.”
in addition to Sarah Riches,  ring leader Paul Law, 36,  was also convicted of conspiracy to supply cocaine and cocaine importation following a two month trial. He is currently serving 14 years behind bars.
Riches alongside two other women and five men were convicted for of various drug trafficking offences and jailed a combined 63 years.



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