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Ever heard of a ‘Lesbian Love Rectangle’? Heres one and it didn’t go too well

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Lesbian love merry go round ends with mayhem 
Two sets of lovers did a love musical chairs and swapped partners
Spurned girlfriends, Naomi Harrison, 23, and new partner Danielle Hubbard, 21, broke into their ex’s house at Blackburn, Lancashire, UK and battered them in their bed
They other pair started dating each other 
Harrison and Hubbard forced their way into 22-year-old Jessica Kay’s home while she was in bed with new flame Kyra Grieve
Smashing up Kay’s car and knocking down her front door before unleashing the attack 
Harrison previously dated both Jessica Kay and Kyra Grieve, while Hubbard has also dated Jessica 
Harrison was fined $511 [£345], Hubbard $382 [£295] in charges and compensation
Both were slapped with restraining orders preventing them from contacting the victims for two years
Naomi Harrison [left], and Danielle Hubbard1.jpgThe enforcers: Naomi Harrison [left], and Danielle Hubbard [right], forced their way into an ex’s home and attacked her and the new girlfriend
A four-person love tangle turned violent when two young lesbian couples split and their ex-girlfriends barged into a house ast they slept, before smashing up one of their cars and battering them in their bed.
The girls, all aged in their early 20s, had swapped partners after two relationships came to an end.
Jessica Kay and Kyra Grieve1.pngJessica Kay [left], was in bed with Kyra Grieve [right], at her home before they were attacked a couple of ex’s

The documents do not detail the nature of the assault on new girlfriends Kyra Grieve and Jessica Kay.
Spurned lovers Naomi Harrison, 23, and new partner, 21-year-old Danielle Hubbard, had decided to force their way into Grieve’s house where they knew they would be staying.
Harrison had dated both Jessica Kay and Kyra Grieve, while Hubbard has also dated Kay in the past.
Jessica, 22, looked out of the bedroom window and saw her former partners damaging her car before they bashed Kyra’s front door in.
Harrison and Hubbard had decided to go the house in Blackburn, Lancshire, to confront the couple who had ‘hooked up’ in March.

Kyra Grieve3.jpgKyra Grieve was sleeping in bed before she was attacked by her ex Harrison and new lover Hubbard
Jessica Kay2.jpgNewest member of the quartet:  Kyra Grieve was attacked while in bed with Jessica Kay 

The pair admitted charges of assault and criminal damage at Blackburn Magistrates’ Court.
Kyra had kept Harrison’s belongings including a passport and birth certificate, and the pair had decided to get them back using force, a court heard.
Harrison’s defense attorney, Aftab Bakhat, said she had been in a relationship with Kyra for five years before meeting Hubbard.

Danielle Hubbard1.jpgDanielle Hubbard pled guilty to assault after she colluded with her new lover to attack her ex-girlfriend

They both told their respective exes who then formed a relationship of their own.
He said: “My client says Miss Grieve made it her business to keep hold of her personal documents such as passport and birth certificate and her clothing and she still has items.
“On this night, out of frustration and having had a drink, she went round to get her property back.”
Mr Bakhat added: “She has now applied for all her documents separately and wants no further contact with the aggrieved.”

Danielle Hubbard2.jpg
In the mix: Danielle Hubbard joined forces with Naomi Harrison to assault two ex-girlfriends as they lay in bed

Harrison was fined a total of $510 [£395] in compensation and costs while Hubbard was fined $311 [£295].
Both were slapped with restraining orders preventing them from contacting the victims for two years.



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