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Dr ‘lop them off’ Ian Paterson, rogue breast surgeon, convicted on 17 counts of performing unnecessary mastectomies – may have mutilated hundreds more victims police said

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Investigators said ‘Butcher’ breast surgeon Ian Paterson may have mutilated hundreds more victims than testified after interviewing 248 people
Paterson ‘lied to patients and exaggerated – or invented – the risk of cancer’ to convince them to go under the knife 
The rogue surgeon it is believed, was motivated by greed to perform the surgeries and boost his own bank balance  
The 59-year-old doctor from Altrincham, Greater Manchester, UK faced 20 counts of wounding with intent against nine women and one man
The procedures were carried out between 1997 and 2011
He was convicted Friday,  of 17 counts of wounding with intent
Sentencing has been set for May
Surgeon Ian Paterson1.jpg Convicted of unethical practices: Jury found breast surgeon Ian Paterson guilty of performing needless procedures on his patients
Named the ‘Butcher Breast Surgeon’, a doctor who mutilated his patients with unnecessary operations may have done the same to hundreds more victims say police. Prosecutors accused the 59-year-old doctor from Altrincham, Greater Manchester in the UK, of establishing a pattern of lying to patients and exaggerating or inventing a phantom risk of cancer to convince them to go under the knife for unnecessary mastectomy.

Unscrupulous and greedy, breast Surgeon Ian Paterson was accused of “playing God” as he convinced terrified women they needed drastic surgery on their breasts to fend off potentially deadly diseases like cancer.

Paterson's victim  Frances Perks1.jpgAngry Victim: Frances Perks blasted Paterson and said she hoped he would “rot in hell”
Victim Dr Rosemary Platt leaves court.jpg Rosemary Platt, herself a doctor and victim testified against Paterson,  telling the court she was left in agony following the pointless surgery

Prosecutors said Paterson may have been performing the operations to boost his own bank balance.
He was convicted Friday, of 17 counts of wounding with intent. However, police have just revealed there could be hundreds of other victims who are yet to come forward: “I wouldn’t be able to put a number on it [extra victims] but there were 248 people we took statements from,” said Det Chief Inspector, Caroline Marsh.
“There has been lots of speculation as to his motives. Financial gain was one and some patients said he wanted to play God with their lives. We will probably never know what his incentive was,” Marsh said.
‘He lied to patients and exaggerated – or invented – the risk of cancer to convince them to go under the knife’.

Paterson's victim Deborah Hawtin1.jpg“My feelings towards him is I hate him with a passion.” – Deborah Hawtin from Matlock, Derbyshire, was one of the few of Paterson’s victims who bravely came forward

Frances Perks, whose mother and sister died from breast cancer, was advised to undergo a series of operations, fearing she could develop “full-blown cancer”.
Mrs Perks wept recalling her ordeal at the trial of Paterson. She was first referred to Paterson in 1994 when she was 35, said: “I think he’s a psychopath. Why would anyone in their right mind do operations to people knowing that they didn’t need them?
“My feelings towards him is I hate him with a passion. You wouldn’t be able to print what I truly think of him and what I would like to see happen to him” .
“But I hope he goes down for a very long time and I hope he has a dreadful time in prison and hope he rots in hell.”

 Paterson's victim Jade Edgington1.jpgYoung victim: Jade Edgington said she was just turned 16 when Paterson performed a series of unnecessary procedures on her breasts
 Paterson's victim Patricia Welch1.jpgHe has a ‘God complex’. Victim Patricia Welch, also had unnecessary surgery performed by Dr. Paterson 

Given that her sister had also gone under his knife, she felt no reason to distrust Paterson, Perks said. Unfortunately, the charlatan “played” on the family history of cancer: “It was the same [in her case], he played heavily on the fact we lost our mum and older sister, Perks said.
“He always used to play on that and say that because of our family history we were high risk.
“Giving evidence was absolutely horrendous.
“I only had the image of what I was used to seeing at Little Aston Hospital, I wanted to see what he looked like now.
“I wanted to look at him and I wanted him to see me, and I just wanted to see him as a broken man.”
Another victim, Patricia Welch said she had a mastectomy after being told she was a “ticking bomb” , the truth was that the procedure was not necessary.
Welch said “I wanted to look at him and I wanted him to see me, and I just wanted to see him as a broken man.”

Paterson's victim Marie Bailey 1.jpgMarie Bailey also underwent several unnecessary procedures at the hands of the disgraced doctor

The prosecution contended that Dr. Paterson was motivated by greed, that his trail of criminal behavior was rooted in “obscure motives” which may have included a desire to “earn extra money”.
The defense argued that all the operations were necessary, but the jury agreed with the prosecution that Paterson carried out “extensive, life-changing operations for no medically justifiable reason”.
The jury said Paterson lied to patients, telling them they needed life-saving surgery when in fact there was nothing wrong with them, leaving them mutilated and traumatized and years on, many are still struggling to comprehend his unabashed dishonesty.

Breast surgeon Ian Paterson2.jpgDr ‘lop them off’ Paterson was found guilty today at Nottingham Crown Court
Paterson was granted bail this afternoon ahead of his sentencing and warned he faces time behind bars.
Judge Jeremy Baker told him: “Having been convicted by the jury of the counts on the indictment, there now needs to be a sentence date which will be some time in May.
“In the meantime I’m going to grant you bail but this should give no indication on your sentence which is likely to be a custodial one.”

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