She now has a 7-year-old son, Joel, from the escort whom she only knew briefly as ‘Michael’, but couldn’t remember much else
Seven years later, she’s now seeking child support for the fruit of the three nights she purchased
She petitioned the hotel that hosted her ‘sexvacation’,  to get her escort’s full identity 
Request denied, she sued to compel the hotel, to release the man’s identity
Throwing out her suit, the court said the woman was playing ‘father roulette’ and ruled the man’s right to privacy outweighed her right to know the father of her child

The woman whose identity is not revealed, sued the hotel chain in a bid to uncover the identity of a male escort who got her pregnant in furtherance of her paternity suit. She lost her case, after the court upheld the hotel’s decision to withhold male escort’s data from the paternity suit filed by the woman.
In her paternity suit, the woman,, claimed she fell pregnant during a three-night romp with a sex worker she knew only as ‘Michael’ at a hotel in Halle in 2010.
Nine months later she gave birth to son Joel, and had been attempting to track down ‘Michael’ in order to claim a support allowance.