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Instagram hookup ends in near death experience for California woman! India Ali recalls waking up naked in her own vomit after nightmarish assault by James Baker whom she met through social media

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California woman assaulted by man she met on Instagram recalls waking up naked in her own vomit, in July 2016
India Ali, 32, from Inglewood, Calif., had gone on a date with a stranger she met on Instragram
James Baker, 27, had invited India Ali to dinner at a Cheesecake Factory and posted video of their date online
Baker got Ali drunk took her to a Best Westin  Hotel and savagely assaulted her
He stole her car keys and purse and fled leaving her unconscious, where she woke up the next morning, a bloody wreck in her own vomit
Police tracking the suspect with victim’s  cell phone, found him with her stolen car at a nearby Courtyard Hotel
Ex-con Baker was on bail for using fake credit cards
Convicted of felony assault in April, he faces up to 10 years and four months jail time, during sentencing on June 5
India Ali12India Ali sounds the warning after a near death experience at the hands of a date she met on Instragram


A date with an online ‘Prince Charming’ turned into a terrifying ordeal, which nearly cost a California mother her life.
During an interview with local stationKTLA, Wednesday, Instagram model India Ali closed her eyes as she recalled the terrifying moment she woke up naked, savagely beaten in a pool of her own vomit last July.
“I lifted up my head and saw all the throw-up. My face was laying in it on the floor,” she said.
“I got up and looked on the bed. There was blood everywhere. I made my way to the bathroom and saw bloody towels on the floor,” Ali, a mother-of-two recalled.
The full horror dawned on her when she looked in the mirror.
“That’s when I saw how beat up I was. It was like I was in a dream, like a nightmare actually. It was a numb, heavy feeling in my head. I was so dazed,” she recalled.
That’s when the panic set in.

India Ali8India Ali, during her interview with KTLA, Wednesday recalls her ordeal

India Ali2

An instagram hookup almost cost the mother-of-two her life, after she was assaulted and robbed by a one time date she met through social mediaJames Baker9The nice James baker turned into Mr hyde, a veritable monster who brutally beat up his date, robbed her and fled the hotel wher he’ taken her

“I thought what if they come back and see I’m alive and really try to kill me? I felt they left me for dead but by the good grace of God I woke up,” Ali, 32, said.
She grabbed her purse but couldn’t find her car keys or phone inside. That’s when she called 911.

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India Ali from Inglewood in the  Los Angeles area learned firsthand that looks can be deceiving after a promising first date with ahandsome stranger whom she met on Instagram. almost cost her her life. he beat her beat her to a pulp and robbed her on their first date last July.
The victim, India Ali, 32, first saw pictures of James Baker, 27, on Instagram.
“He didn’t really look like a creep from his pictures. He looked like he had it going on,” Ali told CW affiliate KTLA.
After perusing his photos, Ali agreed to go on a date with Baker, which Baker documented on social media. He posted several videos of the pair drinking and partying at a restaurant, before luring Ali back to his room at the Westin hotel near the Los Angeles airport.

Idia Ali and James Baker5James Baker and India in the Best Westin hotel elevator after dinner. A few hours laterhHer handsome date, whom she met on Instagram, had her fighting for her life
James Baker is caught by surveillance cameras leaving the apt complex1
caught on Camera: James Baker has the valet deliver India Ali’s car and he escapes with her car and purse after leaving her for unconcious in the room he had rented himself

At dinner Ali said,  she drank too much and has only fuzzy memories of leaving the restaurant. She doesn’t recall how they ended up back at the Westin hotel near LAX. She has only a sliver of a memory of the brutal beating.

India Ali4Lucky to be alive: Court documents show the damage in the aftermath of India Ali’s brutal beating, “She was bleeding through her ears, mouth and nose because of the blood building up inside her brain,” according to Los Angeles DA, David Berger
India Ali's apt after the assault by James Baker2Photos tell the story of the damage in the hotel room, the aftermath of India Ali’s brutal beating, at the hands of james Baker, a man she just met on social media
Photos show the bloody mess the morning after.the assaultMore photos show the bloody mess the morning after

“I remember standing up in the hotel and he was choking me,” she said Wednesday.
Ali spent a week in the intensive care unit, Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney David Berger said.
“The amount of blows she received caused her brain to basically twist in her skull, causing veins that connect her brain to shear,” Berger said. “She was bleeding through her ears, mouth and nose because of the blood building up inside her brain.”
Berger said police were able to track Ali’s cell phone and found Baker with her stolen car at a nearby Courtyard hotel. investigators discovered that Baker had prior convictions and was on bail for allegedly using fake credit cards.
He was convicted of felony assault in April and faces a maximum of 10 years and four months in prison, Berger said.

India Ali11Photos show the contrast. India Ali during the date and the bloody mess that was her face, the morning after.

India Ali said the the ordeal has left her feeling depressed and drained. When she testified in April, she felt victimized again, she said.
She said Baker’s defense lawyer asked her, “Haven’t you been convicted of petty theft?”
“I said, ‘No,’ and they went to sidebar. Then the lawyer came back and apologized in front of the jury and said I had never been convicted of petty theft,” Ali recalled.
In a bid to impugn the victim’s character, the defense attorney d if Ali ever brought her 14-year-old son and toddler daughter to “strip clubs.”
Ali previously worked as an exotic dancer, and the lawyer apparently wanted the jury to know that, she suggested.

James Baker and India ali1.pngInstagram date from hell: James Baker had invited India Ali to dinner at a Cheesecake Factory and posted video of their date online. One image showed [right] a table full of empty shot glasses.

In court, the suspect, a convcted felon almost twice the size of his victim, claimed sheattacked him first.
“He claimed I hit him with a bottle. If it was true, wouldn’t I be in jail? If he really got busted on his head and got stitches, where are they?” she asked.
It also did not explain how he came to be in posession of her stolen vehicle, her purse or her phone. Berger called Baker’s claim ” a complete lie.”
“He gave a one hour and 20 minute interview to police and never mentioned anything to do with her hitting him with a bottle. When he took the stand, he testified he had blood streaming down his head. But when you watch the hotel video from 2:07 that morning, there’s not a drop of blood, and the camera in the elevator was right on his head,” Berger said.

James Baker10.pngEx-con James Baker was proven to have been using social media to case potential crime targets 

Ali said she plans to make a victim impact statement at Baker’s sentencing, now set for June 5.
“For all the people who said this was my fault or I deserved it, I want to show them it’s not my fault and I can get back on my feet,” she said. “I’m going to have these marks on me forever, but I can be strong.”
Ali said she’s grateful she didn’t die and wants others to be careful about dates with strangers they meet online.
“I don’t want anybody else to go through anything like this. I’m trying to put the word out for the younger generation. Don’t meet up with someone you don’t know like this. Just don’t do it,” she said.


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