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Brittany Simpson, who told her sister an intruder shot their father, accused by cops of killing dad

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South Carolina woman charged in father’s murder told her sister an intruder shot him
Cops say Brittany Simpson, was unemployed and living at her family’s multi-million dollar Mount Pleasant, SC home
Tuesday morning she allegedly shot and killed her 66-year-old father, Robert Simpson
Simpson, 31, first accused an intruder of shooting her father
Brittany later confessed to carrying out the crime, after investigators found her clothes and a gun submerged in a creek
and has been charged with murder and possession of a firearm in a violent crime
Brittany Simpson3boyfriend ran downstairs to see what had happened. Robert died on his way to hospital.

 South Carolina woman’s lies to her family about the identities of those behind the fatal shooting of her father last week, unraveled in double quick time and she was arrested for murder.
Brittany Simpson, was unemployed and living at her family’s luxury home when she shot and killed her father, Robert Simpson, 66, at the family’s upmarket home in a gated community in Mount Pleaseant, South Carolina, Tuesday morning.
Brittany, 31, allegedly shot her movie producer dad Robert dead as the rest of their family slept upstairs, then ran outside to hide her gun and clothing. Sneaking back in, she told a story of howa home invader had killed him.
In a 911 call placed by her sister, Brooke, Brittany can be overheard saying that an intruder entered through their home’s back door and shot their father.
Cops, however, recovered the evidence of the crime, at the bottom of a nearby creek, arrest,
Her family even claim she angrily blamed her mom for not locking their doors as her dad lay dying.
Robert Simpson who is originally from Britain, had moved to Mount Pleasant from London in 1975.
Upstairs Susan Simpson heard the gunshots go off and her husband yelling. Her daughter Brooke and her boyfriend ran downstairs to see what had happened. Robert died on his way to hospital.

Brittany was living at her family's home1Brittany was living rent free at her family’s luxury home before her mother trid to evict her
Brittany was living at her family’s home at 38 Saturday Road, which is currently for sale, listed for the price of $1.8M. The 3,300 square feet  six bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathroom home is located in a wealthy neighborhood in the upmarket Charleston suburb of Mount Pleasant. It has It has a dock and a private gate at the front.
Brittany’s parents had reportedly ordered her out of their home in the upmarket Charleston suburb of Mount Pleasant.

Susan and Robert Simpson3Susan and Robert Simpson
Brooke, Robert and Brittany Simpson1.pngBrooke Simpson [left], was upstairs when Brittany [right]’shot their dad Robert [center], but blamed it on an intruder

Brooke said she was asleep when her dad was shot. “I don’t know I just woke up and heard a gunshot and my dad is screaming and there is blood everywhere,” she told cops.
“My sister is saying that somebody came into the house,” Brooke said through tears. “She said they came in the back door.”
Brittany’s motive for killing her father remains unclear.
In March, her mother sought her eviction, court records show, The Post and Courier reported.
Brittany Simpson1
Her defense attorney, Aylor, described any [photo], as a once popular athlete who graduated from Wando High School and later attended the University of Miami and the College of Charleston.
She suffered from a disability that prevented her from working, he said.
Brittany is being held at the Charleston County Detention Center for murder and possession of a firearm in a violent crime.
She appeared in court via video conference Wednesday, for a bond hearing before a magistrate judge, who didn’t have the legal authority to set bond.
“The next step is we will be seeking a bond hearing for the murder charge in front of a circuit court judge,” Aylor said.
Robert, a film crew member, had been working on a TV series called Mr. Mercedes about a psychopathic killer who drives his Mercedes into a crowd.
He was known for his sense of humor and was the “life of the party,” his obituary said.



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